High levels of Anthropomorphism

I was going to post this about a year ago but was unsure.

What is below is a genuine situation.

I’m wondering if any other kindred spirits out there experience high levels of Anthropomorphism ( giving non living things human characteristics.) We all I’m sure anthropomorphize to an extent, a banana using scissors and so on but these images react with me not just the next object.

I have average reason ability but have a huge imagination which at times has been my fortress and my attacker.

I stopped doing mnemonics for many years because anthropomorphism was causing emotional upsets and still does.

For example: I place an item on a journey, let’s say a loaf of bread, a cup or a book… On review perhaps a week later, the item would be very sad that I didn’t return earlier. It would say that it’s lonely and upset. This constant recurring experience filters into everyday life.

I still have this with my palaces. They always have something to say to me.

Huge amount more to say on this but I want to keep it simple.

Does anyone else experience this with their mnemonics?

Below is my list just from 1-20. I have placed a small anthropomorphic description that I have alongside.

1 Tie: aloof

2 Noah (ark): touchy needs be pulled in line.

3 Mia: (girl) happy to play along, gets a bit bored at times

4 Rye (bottle): reluctant but eventually will toe the line

5 Law (policeman): attitude of neither here nor there.

6 Shoe: solid, wonders why others don’t play along

7 Cow: always playing the fool.

8 Ufo: most easy going, pliable.

9 Bee: ready at an instant

10 Daisy: show off, attention grabbing

11 Toad: cheeky with a bit of 7 in him

12 Tin: bit of an attacker. Insistent

13 Time: (clock): thinks everything is beneath him

14 Tyre: never quite lives up to his bravado

15 Tool (hammer): gentle, reticent

16 Tash: playful not always concentrating

17 Tack: couldn’t care less attitude

18 Dove: doesn’t allays show up

19 Tub (tin bath): patient but no nonsense

20 Nose: flexible, adaptable.


I can and do visualize ‘objects’ as animated character. Just like cartoon. But I don’t get emotionally attached to them. I think,you have a very interesting imagination skill. I am fascinated knowing about your imagination.


That sounds very interesting. I anthropomorphize my images but they don’t interact with me. I’m careful about what images I choose though, because they can be disturbing if they aren’t right. There are certain kinds of things that I just don’t put in my systems.

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To me this sounds like a certain level of synesthesia. Many people with synesthesia ascribe personalities and colours to numbers and words and I feel this could be an extreme level of the personality part. Just a guess


I only really feel like this if I use animated characters in my memory palace. Real people, objects or alike don’t quite trigger the living feeling at least inside my memory palace. Since I often use animated characters in my memory palace I guess I can sort of understand what it feels like.

If I’m not careful they can often become those wandering through my palace rather than my first person view. Fortunately these things have been rather pleasant for me as oppose to negative.

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Thanks for all your replies.
I’ve wanted to talk about it for years.
I would like to assure readers that I’m not attention seeking. I’m 68yrs and feel I’m a balanced person.

One reason that may account for this is that I have Addison’s disease. I/m extremely sensitive to light, noise, perfumes and emotions…I often feel like going to live in an isolated wooden shack somewhere.

On the plus side: I read Harry Lorayne’s book way back about 1975. I was like a duck to water. However, my ability to comprehend has never been good due to the brain fog from Addison’s. It slows me down. On the other hand any graphic work I do on the PC my brain lights up like a Christmas tree :slight_smile: I can go for days non stop using Photoshop and never get tired but as soon as you give me a paragraph to reason on I get exhausted.
As mentioned by Josh I too have to be careful about images too.

Enough about me

Just to have a few replies was great.


Thanks for sharing your experience here. Like some others have posted, I can anthropomorphize my images without any trouble…but have no emotional connection to them, as you do.

It seems that your unusual connection to the images should make them all that much more memorable. So, as you suggested, this should be a real strength when it comes to memory that most people don’t seem to have. At the same time, I can imagine it being very stressful to bring all these images to life and then be responsible for their well-being and nurturing—when they’re simply images meant to aid memory.

As a result, it seems as if you’re suggesting it’s difficult to live with all of these images. But I can’t help wondering if there is something you could do at the point of their creation that would help them to behave differently. Would it make sense to actually tell each image that you may not see them for a while but they should “play nice” with the other images you’ve left with them? Or perhaps imagine that these images exist in another dimension that you can only visit infrequently; they are not part of your world, don’t exist in your reality. Maybe that could help establish some psychic distance between you and the images…?

Maybe I’m way off-base with these kinds of suggestions. But I can’t help feeling that you have something like a memory super-power—and currently it’s working against you. I feel there must be a way to turn what now feels like a problem into something that’s much more positive and useful.


My experience seems similar to yours. In my world even inanimate things have a ‘presence’ and a personality. Even abstractions like numbers have a social life in my head. I find people overwhelming. I can’t look most people in the eye easily and for this reason I don’t fill my head with PAO images. I have no trouble with animals, tools, furniture etc.

I avoid any images that cause distress or unpleasant feelings. The brain does a housekeeping routine where it tries to dump unhappy thoughts and memories.

I avoid anything too distracting such as sexuality or violence. I don’t use images that depend on shock value - things that are amazing, bizzare, grotesque etc - I find the brain get inured to being overworked that way. I try to form a rich image partly visual but with many more aspects, smell, texture, a story an emotion. Find out what works best for you.

I think that’s important and after all, if you are planning to keep it as a memory shouldn’t it be something you like or at least are comfortable with?

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IMO synesthesia is not yet properly understood. It’s very much focussed on the overlapping of the sense. I agree with your suggestion that, at least for some, it’s based on something deeper - a presence. These things have a presence in the way that people an animals do and come with the full image of colors, feelings, tone etc…

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Maxo, thank you I just had to say it even though I don’t have that because it is making me smile a lot! I want my scissors to be sad or happy too!!! These emotions are part of life and the fuller the life in my images the more I remember them soooo I am already adding objects and trying to develop it it’s already a lot of fun a great add-on thank you!