Hiding the timer during memorization

It is now possible to hide the timer during memorization to avoid distraction. You will find the Hide Timer option in the preferences for each event.

Note that the option applies only to the selected event, so you can hide the timer for some events and not others if you want.


Love this! Thank you Simon!

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Hi Simon,

I have a question regarding the numbers section.

Right now the maximum chunk size is 8. Is it possible to increase the range of the chunk size to something like 20?

I memorize numbers in random chunk sizes, mostly from 2 digit to 8 digits chunks, in rare cases even larger than 8 digits. I perform the best when I can view all the digits at the same time, like for example in 1 string.

But this is not possible right now in memory league.

I would chunk a number like 1827493830239717 as 182.749.383.0.239717.

But the site only shows 8 digits at a time, thus 18274938 and 30239717.

This confuses my brain because in my head I see and feel the way I would prefer but on my computer screen I see something entirely different.


Sounds great, maybe it will be the way I get under 60.
But I bet for a start it will make me only see half the things, thinking I had more time left :slight_smile:

Preferences are really big and one of the most amazing features here IMO.

Great work and thanks

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Great idea, i like to remember numbers in the group of 12.
And last 8 remaining digit, can be easily memorized in my short term memory.

Or in the group of 9 .

wow, i didnt realize this was a thing. Sometimes I am bad for checking near the end, especially with cards and numbers.

Hi Rajadodve, I am curious, what is your system that you use that you are memorizing in sets of 12?