Hi there!

Hi folks.

My name is Dan and I am an amateur magician and I use mnemonics in my act. I am looking forward to learning more with your help!




Hi Dan,
It’s always been an interest of mine to learn magic tricks. I know some basic tricks, and I sometimes entertain my nephews. I think it’s one of the best ways to have fun with friends and relatives.

Do you use mnemonics to memorise the order of your tricks?

Welcome to the forum.


Hi Erol!

In my magic I use a memorised deck; or as a magician would call it a ‘memdeck’. This is where a stacked deck is memorised by the magician and is retained using false shuffles; no mean feat!

Mem deck magic can be very powerful indeed and, over the years, many top magicians have used it to great effect. Probably the most famous practitioner of memdeck magic is David Blaine.

I hope to strengthen my grasp of my memorised stack and share my love of memdeck magic. If it is allowed I will share clips of magicians using a memdeck for your enjoyment!


Many people share videos on the forum, I don’t think it would an issue. I love magic tricks. That would be great. Memdeck sounds like fun. I think most of would us enjoy to see how it’s presented, and would be great to learn it, but I know the code is to never reveal the secret :slight_smile:

I’m sure the forum will be very helpful to strengthen your skills.

Hi Dan - and welcome! :slight_smile:

How have you memorised your deck, and do you need help with that?

And what is it you want to achieve? What kind of mentalism effect, for example?


I am not short of tricks, having purchased books by Simon Aronson, Woody Aragon and, considered by many to be the bible of memorised deck magic, Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz. In fact, it is the Tamariz stack that I use.

As for memorisation? I assigned each playing card a celebrity, famous historical figure or a friend (the Ace of Hearts for example, is Amy Hunter, a friend of mine). Then I made a 52 point journey around my house and added each card to a position. The result is that if I see a card, I am able to decipher which card is either side of it; a pretty decent tool as someone can pick a card and I am able to secretly identify the chosen card.

To do some of the hardcore tricks though, I need to up my game. I need it to be the case that when someone names a card, I am able to tell exactly where in the stack it is to the number and vise versa. So if somebody names the 2 of spades, I instantly know it is at position 10 and if someone names the position 10, I know the 2 of spades is there. I hope I have described that correctly!

That will be the next step.

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Hi and welcome . I’m a newbie too.

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