Hi! New member: Nya, UK/Germany

Hi, I’m Nya, I am 21 years old and study Neuroscience in the UK. Memory was one of the topics that got me interested in studying the brain, starting with a story about a girl with amnesia which I made up in my mind back in school.

My fascination got fuelled when I watched Sherlock with 16. Being a memory master and having a mind palace seemed pretty cool! It’s been a distant ambition since and I now finally start working on doing the hard work and learning the techniques.

Further, I believe I’ve always had a relatively good working memory but a rather poor long-term memory. This was great for tests when I could study the material just shortly before the exams and still perform pretty well. However, this attitude isn’t good for life, because I do not retain the information. I had to make this transition from learning for grades to learning for myself and my own interest.

I hope memory techniques can help me remembering information for long, boost my creativity and be fun! Also, steady improvement, like in any other sport, is really satisfying.

There’s so much unknown the mind can do, and I am looking forward to figuring out alongside you - happy to be in the forum!


Hello, Nya!

Some posts that may interest you, though they assume you are already informed about mnemonics:

You can follow the FAQs for the introduction into this art or start here: Art of Memory

Welcome aboard… and… the game is on!


Welcome to the forum, Nya!