Hi! I'm the ProcrastiMaster!

Hi, I’m new here, nice to meet you everyone!
I’m a procrastinator and I love to learn stuff, I’m not really good at it but for sure I do love learning. I really get happy when I try to understand something new, even a small bit of the topic.
The problem is, as a procrastinator I always start doing stuff but never finish it.
I realised that it is not the stuff I’m doing that I really like but the freedom to switch on many subjects to get a better understanding of the “big picture” and that’s why I’m here!
I want to try the different mnemonics and techniques in order to use my brain more efficiently.
I’m interested in Sciences(physics, biology, medicine, chemistry), jewelry, watchmaking, cooking, language learning (actually trying to learn Mandarin) and Computer Science and many more…

So I hope we will learn, discover and progress together!

Ps: sorry for my english it’s very late here, it didn’t help :sweat_smile:. Love from France!


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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