Hi ! I am Devi from Pushkar, India

I used to forget a lot during my schools year was below average student in academics.

Then one day I saw a billboard in my town.

There was a Memory training seminar in our town years back, around 600 people came in the seminar.

But only 8 of them took the actual class and I was one of them.

I was facinated by the memory feats by the memory athelete.

Since then I have been applying memory principles to my learning. I was amazed how quickly I was able to learn longs lists, paragraphs, poems, learned many songs in different languages and so on… I screamed Why didn’t anyone tell me about this during my school years.
I didn’t find any person in my city or my friend circle, who considered the importance of learning these principles. I have tried to explain them many times as how is it helpful in their academics as all exams in India, test students based on their memorisation ability.
But no one ever bothered to learn or give a â– â– â– â–  about the techniques. Some showed interest but forgot the very next day. So I stopped explaining anything to my friends and went ahead with my memory journey alone.

I didn’t know much about memory championships, memory athletes and about this forum as well.

I thought I am alone in this journey and then I found out this forum.

#And I am truly happy as I have found community who can relate, connect, and understand. Thank you guys I have found my goldmine. :slightly_smiling_face:


you aren’t lonely now we are here with you.

If you are interested in explaining things like you explain to others and no one bothers to listen.

I am actually interested in learning new things with you.


I just read you are learning shlokas of bhagwad geeta. If you have no problem, would you mind teach me ? (Well, sorry if you have no time.
I am just asking if you have time, I am interested in it.)

Edit : see you tomorrow.


Definitely brother…, I would love to


When you are available ?

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I have connections with Pushkar too and with memory ofcourse🙂

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Hey its nice to hear that! :slightly_smiling_face:

Sure brother definitely

Brother I am available 8pm to 11pm

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Ok fine

Hello, Davi! It sounds amazing! Would you like to share your methods of learning. Thank you! Best regards, DragoČ™

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Hello Devi, are you free today to chat in our artofmemory to discuss our memory techniques related ,if you are busy no problem, we will chat some other time or you can fix the time, we wiil meet that time.

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Sure brother lets fix a time suitable for you

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As you said earlier 8pm to 11pm we will fix that

Hi. I am also incredible interested to hear about the course contents which helped you achieve more academically. If you could offer an outline of the course and the steps you took, I think many people here would be very grateful. I am struggling to find time to really delve into the techniques and my children who are just at the beginning of their academic life would really benefit from your knowledge. Please write.


Definitely deyuts brother

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Definitely I will share detailed outline tomorrow.I would love to help, I am also working on digitizing my notes and will share that too to the community.


Hi Devi,

I am a teacher by profession and I believe these memory really important and helpful in academics. I would like to learn more about these techniques which can be used especially from school academics perspective. Kindly let me know how to can get in touch with you and learn these techniques. Thanks.


Hie Chaitanya, Its great that teachers are willing to bring change in the society as teachers are the building blocks of future of country. You can direct message me, will be happy to share with you techniques. Thanks