Hi, guys, new here and have a question for you

I am from Russia and unlike in the english speaking world we have 36 playing cards in the deck (6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A), one of the games I regularly play online (it’s called “Дурак” which can be translated into English as “Fool”) requires the accurate memorisation of the cards you are being dealt thoughout the game. The better you can keep track of all the cards that have been played the higher you chances of winning at the end of the game

Of course, I’m familiar with memory techniques like “Memory palace”, " POA" system etc but still have not figured out yet how to keep them all in mind while playing a very fast-paced game which lasts roughly one and a half minute.

Yes, you can turn cards into objects, then place them along a particular route (place) that you know like the back of your hand, but I don’t have enoug time to do that - I have to think and strategize while playing knowing exactly what cards are still in the deck. Memory palaces do not work in this case.

What I’m probably looking for is some way of excluding the cards that are no longer in the deck and I have to do it at the speed of thought basically :slight_smile:. There should be some clever way of making your brain do that with a high degree of accuracy.

Thanks in advance.

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Use some kind of object to represent each card in the deck, according to any system for pleases you. Examples are available in the literature.

When the card is played, picture that object being mutllated in some way. For example, a drink is spilled, an egg, is smashed, a paper is torn, etc.

This image will help you recall later that the card has been played.


The problem is I cannot do that when several cards are being played simultaneously. They can be of different ranks and suits. It’s imposible to memorize 6, 8 or 10 cards that you can see just for a couple of seconds and then they are gone and no longer in the deck. You can’t rapidly place them along a familiar route or imagine 6 or 8 different objects and link them together in just a few seconds. And keep in mind that you have to do that not once but a few times in a row during the game. Not only do you have to memorize them all but you have to avoid your opponents’ traps. I know about those memory enhancing systems but they do not work in really fast-paced games. I have been searching the internet for quite a while but have not found yet any memory technique that can solve this problem.

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Please read my response again. There is no need for routes, or journeys, or palaces.

You can find this in Harry Lorayne’s book: How to develop a super-power memory

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I hear you. I’ve read *Dominic O’Brien’s book on memory techniques, Harry Lorayne is basically saying the same stuff. They just took the memorization methods that were created thousands of years ago and put their own twist on them.

It seems you still don’t quite understand what my problem is. I have up to 10 (or even 12 cards at times ) that I can see for just a few seconds and then they are going to dissappear from the screen. I can’t picture 10 different objects being destroyed or put on fire or split in half…if i got just a FEW seconds. What is worse, I play tens of games even if by some miracle I commit all of them to memory in a really short span of time in my first game, I will have to do it over and over again - the images that were created during the first game would inevitably get tangled up with those from the second game, third, forth and so on.

I guess it’s hard for you to undestand me simply because you 've never played that game.
If you are interested I can provide you with a link where you can see for yourself if what you are suggesting here really works.

Thanks, but I’ll pass on the link. If the game is as you say, it seems to be just perceiving the cards will be hard enough, let alone memorizing.

It sounds like this game would be over with pretty quickly. At 36 cards in a deck and 12 cards every few seconds, the whole game will be over in 15 seconds?

You can check world records on memorizing decks of card and nobody comes close to that kind of speed. I wish I had better ideas for you.

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[quote=“elswithers, post:7, topic:46848”]
At 36 cards in a deck and 12 cards every few seconds, the whole game will be over in 15 seconds?[/quote]

No, it depends. The game can last 30 seconds, 45 seconds or even 2 minutes. The guys who founded that site put a time limit on how long you can see cards to make it hard for players to use computer programs that can help them memorize an entire deck. However, what is really bugging me is that there’s at least a few guys in there who still somehow managed to perfectly memorize all cards but, as you may have already guessed, they are not going to let me in on their little secret :slight_smile:

Anyways, thank you for your time and willingness to help.

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Sorry, I have no idea about the editing.

You could try a completely different approach:

I also recommend reading the stories mentioned in the article.

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Same here!