Hi from West Virginia USA

Hey Everyone

My name is Jason and I am a Clinical Psychologist here in West Virginia in the USA. I appreciate the community and I am interested in sharpening my memory skills. I have been practicing on memory league with the goal to try to get to Level 10 on all the categories. Any tips would always be appreciated. I have a 00-99 PAO and the same for cards. Trying to be consistent with the training has been the hardest part so far.


Hi from New Jersey!

I recently reached 1000 in all disciplines except for cards where I am on Level 8, and this is after only a few months of playing 3 free games a day.

First of all, never think that there’s no way you can get to the next level. I’ve thought that many times and next thing you know, things stick in your head and you kind of just do it without really being able to point to any specific reason why.

Second, you need to get faster with your images. Practice on the side just going through cards or random numbers turning them into images and time yourself. See how many numbers and cards you can turn into images in a minute without loci. Just turn them into images. The faster you get at that, the faster you will be on the fly when competing.

For images I use animal pegs. A = Ant, B = Bear, C = Cat, D= Dragon and I connect them to the image. I am able to get down to around 25 seconds and am slowly getting faster than that.

Last tip is that in my loci, I put people that I am very familiar with at each place and they interact with the images that I am putting there. I think I saw that Katie Kermode does this as well. It makes the images much easier to recall afterwards.

Good luck to you!

I would love to hear other tips from everyone else

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Oh that is pretty innovative for the images. I was trying to put them in loci but the animal pegs would be quicker. I will try this out. I appreciate the tips!

The people who are really good at images use loci but this works for me. I’m ok with getting to 20 seconds. I don’t need to hit 10 seconds.

Happy I could help