Hi from Belgium


Hi all,

over summer I happened to read the book from Tony Buzan ‘Master your memory’. It sparkled my interest.
I am the kind of guy that is very ‘logic smart’, solve puzzles at high speeds and got a PhD in computer science. However, I am also that kind of guy that doesn’t remember the name of the prime minister of Belgium (the country I live in) when people ask. In quizzes people look at me for the rounds that deal with solving logical riddles, for the rest I am ignored and there for the drinks :slight_smile:

So these mnemonic techniques seem fascinating to me and I started exploring them. Got my own Major system, PAO system, 2 memory palaces and have been using it to learn countries and capitals of the world, memorize cards, winners of tour de france, numbers of PI.

It’s still fun so I guess I will spent some more time on this, up untill my friends do ask me to join their team when particpating in a quizz.

Kind regards,

(Josh Cohen) #2

Welcome to the site! :slight_smile: