Hey, need some advice [memorize a phone number]

Hey guys, I’m Alexis, I’m a bit new to all of this memory stuff,

I’m looking for the quickest/best possible way to memorize a phone number.
I want to be able to look at a number on a phone for 2-7 seconds and be able to recall it with 100% accuracy 2-5 min later.
after looking at the chat for a while i think the very best thing for me to do is to memorize something like Ben’s system where i have images for all the 3 digit numbers from 000 - 999… This way all I have to do is memorize the images associated with 3 chunks for the first 9 digits and then another image for the last one at the end,
this would be faster then the 5 images i would have to remember if i only learned from number 00-99. And since phone numbers written on a phone are already in 3-4 digit chunks I think it’d make it easier

Bu once again, i’m really new to this memory stuff . if anybody has any feedback or if anybody thinks that a different way would look better please let me know .

I’m not afraid to put it tons of work. I can’t really say what i’m using this for but i’m willing to put lots of time towards it.


How many phone numbers do you need to memorize? Is it part of your job or you just ask a lot of girls for their number?

Seems like way overkill to do a 3 digit system for phone numbers. I would probably just do a major system 00-99 because it’s the quickest to fill out and you aren’t doing anything fancy with it.

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part of my job lol
And I don’t need to memorize multiple at the same time. Just one at a time for about 2 minutes.
is there a way to just put it in my short term memory without changing it to objects/images?
i was trying but it didn’t work for me

Have you tried chunking?

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I have, but it didn’t really work for me.
I need to occupy mind with something else before I get back to thinking about the numbers

Is chunking something you can get better at with practice? When I was doing it it felt kinda hopeless.

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Yes, here is a famous study about it:

The strongest evidence that experts are able to recall more patterns as well as larger patterns comes from the work of Chase and Ericsson (1982 as cited in Anderson, 1995). They studied a subject, SF, increase his digit span to 81 random digits presented at a rate of 1 digit per second. The explanation for this feat of human memory is that SF was learning to chunk the digits into meaningful patterns and he was using what Chase and Ericsson called a retrieval structure which enabled him to recall 22 chunked patterns. SF was a long distance runner and part of his technique was to convert the digits into running times. The chunking of digits into meaningful patterns such as birthdays, ages, and years is a common strategy used. The retrieval structure described by Chase and Ericsson was very specific, it did not generalize to the recall of letters, only digits. Chase and Ericsson hypothesize that part of what underlies development of expertise is the development of retrieval structures which allow for the superior retrieval of past patterns.

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Its seems like you don’t need the numbers for the long haul, so may I suggest;

  1. Creating a memory palace dedicated for just this purpose
  2. Learn a number system like the major system or dominic system, it won’t come easy but it’ll pay off for what you intend to achieve
  3. Practice memorizing numbers with the system. You can place a single number at a loci…and continued practice would help you reduce the time required to memorize the numbers
  4. Continue practicing and using the system

Hopefully it’s not for criminal intent :slightly_smiling_face:

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In addition you can make use of some of the patterns within phone numbers:

  • In some countries the phone numbers always start with the same digits, e.g. in the UK most phone numbers begin with 07…
  • In some countries, the beginning of the phone number is an area code (or other meaningful information). If you just remember the location for this it will make the rest very easy. E.g. in the UK a landline 01223 456 789 would be from Cambridge. So you just remember Cambridge + 45 + 67 + 89. In the UK there are very many area codes so this might not be practical. But for your country (I don’t know where you live) that might help.
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thanks so much guys

My chunking for memorizing numbers

1-3-3-3 (basically it requires only 3 pictures for memorizing numbers)
And first digit is head number .

And after that i convert each 3 digit number into pictures then interact them.

I mainly use 2 systems for memorizing numbers

  1. Pronunciation system (for faster memorizing)
  2. Letter system (for long time memorizing)

In second system, i personally chose letters for each single number.
It is different than major system.

If you made your major system than it is also good to memorize numbers.