Hexadecimal (or Binary) Digits of Phi

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Once I start filling out my system, I would like to practice it by memorizing some digits of Phi (~1.618) in hexadecimal. I have not, however, been able to find a large number of digits of that number in hexadecimal. I’ve found hexadecimal pi to more than enough places, but not phi. I have considered trying to use the python “mpmath” library to calculate a bunch of digits, but I’m not sure how trustworthy that output would be, if I could even get it working. Does anyone know of a resource which lists Phi in Hexadecimal or Binary to a bunch of digits? (Converting from Binary to Hexadecimal should be trivial) I don’t have any specific number of digits in mind; I was just planning to go until I had gotten used to using my system.

I’ve searched google but have not had any luck (besides finding mpmath, which is a pretty big win). If I can’t find a reliable source of digits, I might settle for pi, though I’d prefer something like e. I wouldn’t mind e in hexadecimal, but everyone does pi and ignores the other mathematical constants. So if anyone has a good source for hexadecimal digits of e, I’d be interested in that too. http://hexpi.sourceforge.net/ is a last resort.

(PS: Is this the correct forum category for this type of thing?)

EDIT: Great resource found in post 3 of this thread with decimal and hexadecimal expansions of a variety of mathematical constants.

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I’m not sure where to find those resources, but it’s an interesting idea.

Yes, this is a good spot, because it will probably interest people who are following the math category. If a post ever ends up in the wrong category, a moderator will move it. :slight_smile:

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I found what I was looking for: http://www.numberworld.org/constants.html .