Here's one free and simple way to participate in a memory competition, wherever you are in the world, any day you want before April 22

Recently we did the 2019 Quebec Memory Championship at Laval University. Attendance wasn’t as good as I was hoping for (11 participants) despite announcements having been made all over campus, but I’m still quite happy about it. My friends Jean Béland and Valérie Grenon almost tied for first place among residents of the province. Livan Grijalva in the open section did a deck of cards in 37 seconds. But the main reason I’m happy is that I got to witness some new examples of people who started from zero, who learned about memory techniques and who became quite good with just 1 to 4 weeks of 5 to 30 minutes of training per day. Memory techniques are freaking awesome!

But anyway that’s not the main reason for this post. The main reason is that even though the real championship is done, you’re still all invited to compete in it unofficially, for free, from whenever you are in the world, any day you want before April 22. This page explains how it will work:

The format isn’t the same that you might be used to and you’ll get to try a brand new discipline we call “15 minutes Exam Cramming”. You can compete in either the “Advanced” or the “Regular” sections. In the Regular section, it’s possible to perform quite well even if you’re new to memory techniques and you don’t yet have a system for numbers and cards.

Oh and if you happen to be worried that you’re “not good enough”, well of course you shouldn’t feel that way, but if that’s a real concern you can choose to either compete anonymously or simply just try the challenges and not send us your results.