Help with remembering a German word

Hi guys,
I am learning German now and I have a problem remembering that the German word “Wer” (pronounced roughly weeya) means “Who”. I keep forgetting it. I tried associating it with Dr.Who - Instead of Dr.Who Germans watch Dr.Wer. But when it comes to recalling it during a conversation, my mind goes: Dr… (what was that word again?).
Is there any other technique I can use for this? Any suggestion is welcome.

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Since it is spelled Wer, perhaps you can imagine a werewolf. Since werewolves are wolves only during the full moon, And human the rest of the time, if you survived an encounter with one, you might later wonder “who” it was.


It’s actually roughly pronounced “where” which makes it really easy in fact… they’re backwards.

Wer is who
Wo is where

…in German you’d pronounce “who” as “wo” (not “hoo”). You see how they are a bit swapped?