Help with memorizing literature

I am fairly new with mnemonics. I started by stumbling upon Josh Foer’s TED conference speech on Netflix and was immediately interested. I then read his book Moon Walking with Einstein, and now I would like to begin training to apply mnemonics to my academic and professional life. I am a full time student as well as an active duty Soldier in the United States Army. I am beginning training by preparing for the promotion board, where I am to memorize everything from the creed of the Noncommissioned Officer to the answers of a multitude of questions from over 20 different subjects. I am starting with the creed and am having some trouble. I understand that I need to turn words into images and I am placing those images in loci but I feel like I am missing something. Do I turn every word into an image or each sentence etc. Could someone point me in the direction of some reading material to help clarify the specifics of memorizing poetry or literature. Furthermore some clarification on how to organize the loci in my mind for the board, I assume I should put each subject in an individual memory palace and create some sort of neighborhood. I am also worried about the fact that there is no particular order to the questions and I could be asked any one of the questions, would I have to walk through the entire palace to find my answer I thought about the peg system but the questions are not numbered. Thank you all for your help.

I would just link the answers to the questions, there is no need for using memory palaces for random info. For memorizing sentences and such, use enough imagery to remind you of the original sentence. You don’t need a picture for every word. Check out gavinos massive memory palace system for a system of organizing memory palaces.

Thank you Bateman I appreciate your help.

No problem. Tell me if you have any more concerns or questions.

Just remember that to memorize exact sentences (what the ancients called “memoria verborum”) is fairly different from the memorization of concepts, lists, …
The loci will help you a lot, but you will not be able to avoid rote memorization.
Just begin trying to memorize what you want in your mind, and find out for yourself the points where you stumble and cannot remember what happens next: those are the points where an image really helps. In this way you will slowly build your memory walk

Try memorizing one pic per small rhythmic section 1-7 or so words. You think of the pic, while saying out loud the verse. Also, spaced repetition, and routine review as you proceed (rh1, rh2, review rh1, review rh2, learn rh3, …)

There are other methods on the forum for this, lanier has one that uses a grid. I am trying to put one together too, nothing to report yet. It is a challenge, but not impossible … People have memorized verbatim huge amounts of text. But rote will not get you there, it is too easy to lose the middle of your sections and such i believe. You need a mnemonic structure to keep things in place it seems.