Help with memorizing common English words

Hey Guys,

I would really appreciate it if someone could explain to me how to memorize words like ‘and’, ‘also’ and ‘because.’

Do I have to make separate images for all the words or do I break down the words, find what they sound like and use that as image?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

It depends on what you’re memorizing. If you can hold those words in your natural memory you might not need an image for each word.

For “and” I use an image of a large iron ampersand symbol (&). It’s large and heavy, so can interact with other images. I only insert it in the scene if I forget the word “and” on a recall.

I don’t have an image for “also”, but probably would use an image of someone named Ilsa.

“Because” contains the words “bee” and “cuz”. Other similar words: “beaker”, “beak”, “BICA”.

I’d probably use a bee, because I also use a bee for the word “betray”, which is a bee carrying a tray. He is getting stabbed in the back by antique perfume sprayer (the kind found in old cartoons), which reminds me of the Esperanto word perfidi (to betray).

For more ideas, check out the wiki page on how to create mnemonic images.

Thanks Josh, really helpful. :slight_smile: