Help with abstract sentence

Could you explain to me how can I turn this abstract saying to a concrete images?
( I will feel more like it tomorrow)

That clause doesn’t make sense.

It’s a saying from the book named solving the procrastination puzzle. It mean tomorrow I I’ll do it

Not sure if this helps, but here is what came to my mind:

I might imagine it is tomorrow morning. I am in bed just waking up. There is beautiful sunshine coming in the window making me feel very good about the new day. As I get out of bed, I feel the sunshine as I turn towards a wall that has a big bulletin board with a picture of ‘it’–that is, the thing that I want to do.

Then I notice something very strange…

Last night, the picture was just a 2 dimensional picture, but today it seems to be 3 dimensional. In fact, it almost looks like a real life image of ‘it’.

I am fully up now, looking toward the wall and ‘it’. Since I am still waking up, I raise my arms and hands and start to stretch in the direction of the picture.

But then, another even stranger thing happens…

I discover I have more than two arms. In fact, I have several more arms and much bigger hands.

So I reach out towards the image of it and it is real. And I touch it will my many huge hands and I can feel it much more than yesterday.

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Thank you very much
But to convert my 3 words to that story I think now very very long.

It’s long to write and read. But fast to think.

That’s right thank you very much

Another example :

Visualize yourself in bed procrastinating; visualize a thinking bubble coming from your head of the sun rising and you yourself getting up swiftly.


To indicate that you are doing something ‘like’ something else, you need to have some distinction between the two present (in this case the speech bubble), or some concrete representation that is like in name only.

Tomorrow can be indicated by a day cycle, however you want to indicate this (in this case I used the sun rising).

‘feeling more like it tomorrow’ (simply needs to show a difference in the expression of feelings from today to tomorrow).

I (representing yourself in some form you can recognize).

Added notes

If you then wanted to turn this into an object you can have a toy-box with one side being dark at night and the other lightened up, with some person or yourself feeling more like it tomorrow as above. Otherwise you could simply take the above and turn that into a toy-box too, or really any other representation.

I mentioned ‘visualize yourself in bed procrastinating’, the reason I didn’t specify this is because procrastinating depends on how you procrastinate, so you can fill this in with say playing games, if that is your form of procrastination or simply laying in bed with your eyes open, etc.

As @tarnation said, these things are much faster to visualize than to indicate. To give a larger example, if you see a carpet and then try to describe this single carpet image in words:

You have a carpet of light beige color and a texture of smooth silk. The lighting appears to illuminate the parts of the carpet as if each of them were strands of finely kept and sheltered hair. The roots of each of these fibrous seeming strands appear a yellowish form of white that seems as though they were strands made in form of the sun. The tips curl ever so slightly and distinctly from the rest of its appearance as if they were utmost paid care and attention to. All of the curls seem finely dragged in line with the position of each strand, at times appearing to propagate the lighting of the roots through the chunks of …

Well you get it, I could have likely gone on for another page describing this carpet, yet it would have taken a second at most to visualize.

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