Help to memorize questions/answers to a test

Hello guys, how are you?

I’m new about memorization strategies and this is my first topic here at the forum and I would like to memorize as many questions and answers as I can to improve in my test at the end of the year (I need to pass this subject and I am struggling a lot, anyway, I know only memorization is not going to be necessary, I am i’m doing a lot of exercises to gain experience in the subject). My teacher is goint to select 10 questions between the database containing ~1000 questions.

Straight to the point, these are examples of the style of the questions that is goint to be in the test:

There is a statement that may or may not be contextualized in a real life situation and there is usually 5 alternative options A B C D E (it could be less for some questions).

-------------------- 1 - example:


-------------------- 2 - example:


Is Memory palace a good strategy to this kind of information? If yes, could you please explain why with a example?

Any kind of help is welcome. Thanks!

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Which subject is this? Looks like Math.

I would advise you not to use or depend on memory techniques for subjects like Maths and science.

These subjects need understanding of the concept not memorising it. Even if you just memorise it now and do not get the concept you will face consequences later.

All you can do is to use memory techniques for memorising facts which appear here and there or memorise equations(although I would advise you to learn to derive them using the concept).


Please tell me more about this subject since its in some different language.

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I think memorisation the question and answer is not a good strategy in math. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Math is a very logical dependent subject. So I suggest you understand the process of calculation first.
What memory is useful in math is that when memorising the equations.
But if some questions you always forget the method to do. Then better ask somebody to help you.

Back to the track, for fact knowledge, you must first identify the keywords in the question and answer.
Then link it as remembering words. Put pair the question keywords and answer keywords into loci as a pair.

E.g. Name the largest freshwater lake in the world? Lake Superior.
keywords: freshwater lake; Lake Superior.
Then group them into loci.
Like I feel Superior because I am the only one who owns the world last freshwater. And the location (loci) is a public swimming pool near my house.

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I agree with @Vertexion and @Antelex to not memorize test answers in maths.

Of course, you can memorize equations like midnight formula or other equations like I did for a lot of equations. In economy, they are a lot of equations and facts you could memorize.

Surprisingly, I am able to speak and read a little Spanish :smiley:

If you want to understand concepts like math, then watch this:

Scott Young is a genius! I love his work.

Also, mindmaps with all topics and subtopics are very useful (for me at least).

Yours Sincerely