Help this 15 year become the best version of himself

Hello my name is Antonio Mato and I am a 15 year old who is interested in mnemonics, mental calcuation and speedreading or any other method to increase my intelligence!!

I recently decided to become the best I can be and I already took steps towards this
I entered a gym and changed my diet while also making this account to improve myself!!
Since I am still a beginner I decided that help and shared experiences are something I need to know so as not to make any mistakes along the way or regret something later.

This is where you come in :thinking:
Since I am still quite ignorant and inexperienced please beat some sense and knowledge into me

Thank you


There’s usually nothing to regret if you learn something from your mistakes. Keep in mind that everyone learns in a different way, some techniques work better for some people than for others. You will have to try out different techniques for your own in order to find the ones that fit you best. For me personally, Memory Palaces + Dominic System + Spaced Repetition were easy to apply from the beginning, while I always had (and still have) trouble with speed-reading and the linking-method. For other people it can be the other way around, but you can only know for sure if you try it.

Have you seen the Getting Started Guide?


Can you give me a realistic statistic to how well one does when starting up for example in speed cards or 5 minute numbers? What is the average time for beginners and what was it for you?

I don’t think there’s such a statistic, at least not that I know of. I can’t remember exactly how long it took me to memorize a deck of cards for the first time; probably more than 20 minutes, though. But I wouldn’t recommend focussing too much on the time in the beginning (comparing your time with others can go both ways: you’re either getting motivated or discouraged).

Have you thought about the practical applications of memory techniques in your life (school etc.)? While memorizing decks of cards and numbers can be fun, you should bear in mind that it’s quite different from memorizing for school/university. If you keep that in mind and train to memorize different types of information, you’ll probably benefit more from memory techniques than if you just focus on one thing.

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Welcome to the forum. I began my journey into mnemotechnics when I was seventeen. I started with a two-digit PAO so I could memorize any number I wanted to. I continued learning useful facts and lists that came up a lot in my life, such as presidents and states. I mostly memorize poetry and things for school now. Poetry memorization has been fantastic, and I highly recommend it.

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Nice to meet you!!!

Were mnemonics actually useful and practical in memorization or were they something impressive but with limited practical actual use?

I memorized a lot of stuff for government class my senior year. Dates amendments practice quizzes. All in all my palace was about 300 loci for that class. Would have been significantly harder without mnemonics.

I learnt mnemonics when I was a student but I didn’t know about memory palaces and that made everything hard. So my advice: learn to use memory palaces, learn 00-99, learn the alphabet.

Also, keep in mind that you will be slow and inefficient in the beginning but over time it will be easy and fast. Also, remember that while you can shove a lot into your brain quickly with mnemonics, the images still need to be reviewed. Even experts need to review them. A famous mnemonist called Kevin Horsley said, “People don’t have a memory problem, they have a review problem.”