Help please! How to remember 4-6 digit numbers?

Happy New Year to all from Singapore!

Recently I watched ‘memory athletes’ on Netflix, which inspires me to create my own PAO. As of 19th Jan, I have just finished creating my PAO. Woop woop!

Any suggestions on how to practise remembering combination numbers? For instance 31 - little finger stroking beard 71 hermoine eating books 63 wolverine shitting toilet.

So 317163 would mean little finger stroking toilet. Any suggestions on how to practise would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!


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In PAO ‘P’ is supposed to be a person who does ‘A’ - an action - and ‘O’ - an object. Object can be something that you do an action with or an action can be directed towards this object. Main rule here is you strictly follow an order of P, then A, then O to not get confused recalling it later.
If little finger as 31 in you PAO system represents a person that’s fine. Whatever works for you. But for me it’s easier that all ‘P’ are characters.
So 317163 will be ‘little finger eating toilet’. Don’t be afraid to add some extra information to this raw image to make it more alive.

There are a lot of tools for that. You can click on "Resources’ on the upper bar and check a list of Software and additional stuff there.

@sfep hey sfep, thanks for the response. Yes, it should have been little finger (GOT character) eating toilet. Sure, will check out the resources board. Thanks!

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Also check a ‘IAM Software’ link in this post site where you can memorise numbers as well

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Cheers man, appreciate the tip!