Help Needed: Talk for professionals memory improvement

Hi, I was asked by someone in my workplace (product and engineering background people) to take a session on memory related that maybe beneficial to everyone on basis of my personal memory achievements.

I need help from all of you for ideas on topics that I should cover.
The main objective is that everyone should be able to take away something from it for applying into their lives, and it need not get very complicated like major system etc to sound like a niche useless skill only applicable to random numbers/images,etc.

Thanks in advance


Harry Lorayne - The Memory Book has a bunch of easy practical examples you can put to use immediately like, link association, major system, remembering names and faces.

Check out link association/memory palace related topics for an easy to digest concept that your coworkers can apply.


Some things that have worked for me at memory presentations:

  • Memorize the order of red/black in a deck of cards — either a deck of cards or binary numbers works. I often would start people off with 50-60 binary digits or a deck of cards and most of them can do it within the first part of the meeting. It isn’t that practical on the surface, but it introduces some concepts and shows people that they can memorize a lot more than they think they can.
  • Alphabet peg lists are easy and practical. I posted an example here: Advice on starting a memory club to benefit college students - #4 by Josh
  • I have a deck of cards with names and faces on them, similar to the alphabet cards in the link above. They are useful for showing people how to memorize names.
  • Memory palaces: something like US presidents might work (adjusted for the audience — maybe turned into a list of facts related to their jobs).
  • Number shapes and the Shaper System might be interesting for them, even if just to create peg lists (not trying to memorize numbers right away).