Help memorising my 0-9&00-99 list [major system]

Hello lads!

I’m posting today to ask for help. I’ve just recently (2 days ago) finished my major system peg list of 110 images. I used, for the majority of them, the major system phonetic code. So, they’d easily translate the number into the image like 32 would be MooN. So, most of them are phonetically created. And some of them I just couldn’t think of anything so I randomly assigned it a image, like 16 I couldn’t think of anything so I just made 16 a laptop. And some of them are easy like 07 would be James Bond and 95 would be Lightning McQueen. But, as I’ve been trying to master on memorising these to move on to placement of these images for storage of information, I’ve come across an issue.

As I’ve assigned these images to the numbers, I can’t see these as I’m going back and forth to get the number/image. Say, for example, it took me a whole 2 minutes to think what 07 was. It was clearly an obvious one for which I couldn’t even see it. I’m clearly stupid because I’m looking at these the wrong way. Furthermore, if I see a laptop, I don’t visualise 16. I just can’t visualise any of the numbers whenever I see these objects nor can I visualise the objects when I see their numbers. I can’t visualise James Bond when I see 07. I can’t visualise 32 when I see the MooN. It’s like I’m thinking too much for the simple things that I created. And one of my favourite ones is 90, which is a BuS. And I couldn’t even think of BuS when 90 popped up while I was quizzing myself.

It’s like I’m visualising the WORD bus, not the bus itself. Same goes for 16, I see the word laptop, but not a single laptop pops up in my head. I don’t know how to put it in terms, but let’s say it’s like this: Treat my number as if it was a spanish word, and the translation of that word is my object/image. So, say for example, ‘Las manos’ would be my number. And translating that would give me ‘hands’. But, it’s like this is a quiz. When I take a spanish quiz in class, and I try to think what Las manos would be, my mind just sees what the word on my practise paper was, like “Las manos=Hands”. I’d see the word ‘hands’, but I won’t see a visual hand anywhere and if I can’t do this, I can’t convert the numbers to visual images in my head, to place them in my palace. I can see what the word for that number would be, but an image just won’t pop up for a number. This is my problem.

I apologise for such a lengthy post, but this has been bothering me so much and I just thought to clear it out by making my suffering as clear as possible so it could be understood and maybe some help in return would be given. If you have any advise for me—anything—it is highly appreciated!

I remain, Your’s Sincerely,


Reminds me of the time I tried to learn Chinese in 2 days and even though I saw all the translations at least once before, I couldn’t really understand native speakers or join in a conversation.

Okay, sarcasm off… come on, you gotta give it some time for the associations to form in your head. Use some SRS software like Anki or Memrise to learn your list. If after a couple of weeks you still have the same problem it’s a different story.

By the way, for 16 you could use either Taj (Mahal) or (Satellite) Dish.

Point 1: Mnemonic techniques are very much a situation of effort now, reward later. Most people need to spend some time feeling awkward and slow with the process before it becomes natural. But it will get better.

Point 2: You can start out smaller. Just try using 10 pegwords. When those feel natural, increase to 20. And so on…

Point 3: You might also need to put in some effort to learning to think visually. Like everything else, it will come in time. Keep in mind also that when memorizing, often the first image that comes to mind is not the one you want to use, because it’s too logical.

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I’ve tried thinking that way but I just can’t find any connection between Taj Mahal and 16, or just a satellite dish and 16. But, even I make something up like Taj Mahal took 16 months to complete, even though it’s completely false, I could try and memorise that 16 is Taj Mahal and Taj Mahal is 16. But, my problem is that whenever I see 16, I’m not visualising a Taj Mahal but I’m just seeing the letters ‘Taj Mahal’. And it’s like I’m memorising these for a test or quiz so I’m going through the list like rote memorisation and that seems wrong. I hope to find ways to change that way of memorising them but I don’t know how. And it’s also like my mind goes like this : “16=Taj, 16 is Taj, Taj Mahal is 16…” and it will just keep on repeating it over and over until it sticks. And I’d eventually maybe see that 16 is Taj Mahal, but it won’t be the Taj Mahal itself, but just those words that make it up. So, like if you ask me what Taj Mahal is a number of, my mind won’t see a Taj Mahal, probably. What it would see are the words/letters of Taj Mahal and I’d just see what number that would be. It still won’t be effective because I can’t place those sorts of words/letters in my memory palaces.

And personally, when I say “see the words”, I just mean what my mind is reminded of when thinking of that number. Like my peg list is on Google Docs in a table, and when I see 16, my mind goes to thinking what the table was near the number 16. So, the left side is numbers, and the right side is the word for the image. And so, when I see 16, I’d just imagine what 16 was on the Google Docs. It’s like I won’t see what the image itself was, just the words. My situation is utterly flying towards failure and all these signs are just telling me to drop this hobby and give up on this. I don’t want to, but my inability to visualise the images that go with the numbers is vexing and just depressing that I can’t be able to memorise a couple hundred digits of pi, and a shuffled deck of cards, and long lists of information. I don’t know about this though, but I can’t think of anything to help my situation because it’s so helpless at this point.

I can remember what word goes with what number, but I just can’t an image popping up in my head because I’m only memorising what each number is an image of. And this morning, I asked one of my friends to quiz me again and he was going on some of the most obvious ones on my list, but they didn’t even cross my mind. For example, he said 60 and in my list, it was SHoeS. But, it took me like 120 seconds to grasp what 60 goes with. I go all day saying “Hey mate, you’ve got nice 60s” just to help myself visualise what image goes with 60. And even still my mind didn’t even view 60 as a personal connection. I seriously use 60, 90, 21, 95 and some others on a daily basis to help strengthen but I just don’t know why I see these as JUST numbers. Hours and hours I spend trying to relate these numbers with personal things to help me remind me of that number, but it’s like I’m just rote memorising these numbers and the images they go with, for a test I’m about to take.

Furthermore, even when I tried to recite my 0-9 list, I was literally stumped on 4 for 5 minutes! I don’t know why nothing reminded me of 4, and it was a(n) (upside-down) chair. But, I seriously thought it was something relatable and it still didn’t even cross my mind. I just think I’m not good enough for this even after so many days of preparation and even some thoughts of giving up on this hobby have appeared in my mind and I’m unsure if I’ll ever succeed in this memory training hobby.

The connection is that T is 1 and J is 6, so Taj is 16…

Okay… and that is a problem why?

I have no idea what you are talking about

The good thing is that it doesn’t seem to work for laptop (whyever you picked that) either…

Since this seems to come up in all of your posts and we’ve all been telling you to give it some time… how about, yeah sure… you should probably do that. Maybe you need negative reinforcement for motivation.

It’d be great if recalling my images would be this simple but I can’t because I can’t visualise them when I see the numbers. And now that I’ve been thinking on using Taj Mahal for my 16 I’m starting to think of laptop and Taj for 16 and they’d interfere with each other to represent 16 and I’d have trouble fixing on one thing to represent it. This happened with several other numbers where I’ve had to change my numbers because some things represented the number more than the others. And when I think of the number, lots of things come to represent that number and it’s giving me trouble to place one in my palace.

It’s a problem because to me, it won’t be effective to place words in my memory palace to help me remind me of the number. And my prime problem is that I’m memorising the words, and not the images that the words represent of the numbers. I understood that all this time I was just incorrectly memorising the peg listed words of the numbers, and now I just need to rewire my brain into memorising the images of the numbers in my peg list and that ought to do the trick.

I was just saying that those numbers would only remind me of what image it would be, but it won’t let me actually visualise the image itself.

You know, now that that has been brought up, I’ve been determined more than ever to just memorise a deck of shuffled cards and when I started to get into this hobby of memory training on February 21, 2019 I’ve decided I would put the work and effort and the countless hours of practise to become an efficient memoriser. And I’m barely a week in already giving up. And negative motivation has done nothing but stare in the face of failure. I’ll become a good memoriser, one way or the other, sooner or later. No matter how long it shall take me, I’ll try to find a way to reach my goal.

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Don’t give up. You can do it. :slight_smile:
Have you put all your images on a journey to help you remember them? It made a world of difference for me. Don’t get stuck, replace quickly what doesn’t work. Aim high, get to 500 images or follow a steady schedule dilligently. Keep your test records to see if you are improving. Drill the images. Try various memory challenges.
Never be bothered by mistakes, just focus on your improving results. It isn’t easy. It is great that you sound determined.


Give it a try. (Try to visualise their shapes with numbers)

Dish - looks like 16 (try to imagine)

And for tajmahal (I am not using this for no. 16 , because tajmahal is in my 3 digit system)