Help me with my training routines

I’ve been training on memory league for a while and haven’t noticed any improvement. I’m thinking that my methods are wrong. Can anyone help me with a training method please.

What are you training and how are you doing it?

Heh, my training routine isn’t very good. I just put the software on auto mode and practice words. I don’t really have a comprehensive training routine so I was wondering if you could help. I need to practice words, images, names and faces.

What techniques are you using?
Are you training to compete? If so, do you have a two digit number system?

I’m using a memory palace. I’m creating a two digit system but I haven’t memorised it completely
I don’t really have any training system so I’m fishing for ideas here

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I have some practical suggestions for you
Practice every day
Just twenty minutes a day
And after doing each workout focus on mistakes
To have patience
According to Darren Hardy’s Composite Book, you will get better every day by practicing daily
After three months of training, change your method slightly

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Focus on your imagination.

Remember: association, location and imagination are key. The idea behind any techmique to memorize what you do is always the same. You take an idea to memorize and transform it into an image that you associate and you select a context where to see that image (loci).

Remember that more speed means that you imagine, associate and place faster. In order t9 do that you should have some if not all of the aspects covered beforehand. Have loci well establish, think about 50. Have associations in the case of numbers is factible, for names and words as you practice more names and words will be familiar to you and your imaginations will be familiar too. To imagine try focusing more, and don’t desparate but push yourself to visualize.

Remember that you’ll recall what you associate, and that association is by will. You could think of a monkey breaking a car and associate to that image anything that any idea, that’s your target, make sense to you.


Consider this:
-What are your MAX times?
-What are your usual memo speed?
-What is the speed you need to do, to get close to 100% accuracy?
Out from knowing that, you can slightly adjust the speed. An example for me is with Words where 30/35 is usually my time where I have a high accuracy (spelling aint my strong side) with some spelling errors.
Trying to do 40-45+, usually ends up in low score amount; especially since I have been not active in my training here.
With words I would suggest strong Vimages before going for the speed, or the perfect spelling. The spelling comes tho, much better with slower memorization.

Just some suggestions that might be of a help to you.
-Try also play around with those times, and see what works out. Remember, shifting things up may lead you to a great discovery.


Hey guys, nice discussion, nice tips!
I have one question for you @Bintux. When you say to have around 50 loci - you mean in one palace or you think it’s better to have more palaces? And you use them only for training?

I’m Bintux, I can’t access that other account.

It doesn’t matter the quantity. You can have 200 loci per palace. But it all comes down to organization and categorization, you may want a palace for Math and another for Physics, another for fleeting things, not everythings needs to be forever in your head. Again, rhe number of loci doesn’t matter some people prefer to have 25 per palaces and five per room.

Now, anything can be a memory palace, a photo, your body, anything you imagine, an scene of events… so you don’t need to really worry about the palaces rather understanding your recall, image idea association and explore your imagination powers.


At the beginning, I have also had problems with the methods… I have only used the loci method. Then I tried to change something. I trained daily and didn’t only focus on the loci method but rather use the other methods to memorize, too. After a lot of practice and lots of ups and downs I finally found my technique. For me, the story method is the most efficient. In my opinion, it’s the most adaptable and fastest method.

But in general, repetition is key. It doesn’t matter which method you use, without repetion, you’ll forget anything you’ve learned rapidly.

Do you have a PAO or major system at all?