HELP me to build 1000 locis.


I want to memorize 1000 Czech word (turgid language)

I have some sort of a system so fat, please take a look and write what is right and what is wrong.

I will give you an example.
I give for the Czech language so far one street of the city i know well.
There are 13 locis.
First loci is the NIKE shop i go inside it and i see the shoes i linked to shoes grocery list i know well. There are ten item on the list (bread,milk ……)
To each item i link the word and after i just creating the story for following 9 words.
So in nighsheel it looks:
(1 level )Street=> (2 level) NIKE shop =>(3 level shoes)=> (4 level) bread (from grocery list) => story for 10 Czech words.
I’m not sure if it’s good idea to have such a long way to the words. So far it is working good for me.
Is there any hidden problem i should be worry about? Can you advise me what can i add or should delit?

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(Josh Cohen) #2

If it works for you, it should be fine. You can always change the system later, if you discover something that works better.

Was the grocery list already there, or did you add the grocery list to the locations before adding the Czech words?

Also check out this video of Dr. Yip Swee Chooi memorizing a dictionary, if you haven’t seen it yet.


I do a lot of word memorization.

The problems you might encounter will come from not having absolutely fixed stations and total familiarity with them.

Distance between your stations can be an issue, as well as overall distance. The longer the journey, the more “cognitive load” the Memory Palace tends to place on your brain. That means less space and mental energy for the target vocabulary. You should be fine with 10, but if you find that’s too much, scale back.

Use the Memory Palace for practicing recall for use in daily speaking/reading/writing/listening, not permanent storage. You’re more likely to permanently encode through some kind of Dominic-esque Rule of Five repetitions + use than you are through “set and forget” mnemonic attempts.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


You could always use video-games as memory-palace.
Mayarra talked about it, in her post “1,000,000 loci - palace” post (i think).

And I gave an example here :
(But I’m a noob beside Mayarra hahah )

(Neil Kutzen) #5

In general, there is no need to use a memory palace when you are learning a foreign language.
Of course, if there is a need to group words by category, you may want to use a palace. But, normally, the challenge is to have the English word (assuming that is your primary language) and then be able to link it to the foreign (Czech) word. All this memorizing is in pairs. The memory method involves having pictures to remind you of each work and linking them is some ridiculous way. No palace.