Hello I want to give numbers an image character from (00-100) I’m using the major system and Dominic system also a random letters to come up with an character (actors, anime , sports characters…).
Imade until now about 50 I need help to finish 100.
I don’t want to use the number character to memorize a deck of card, I need to memorize historical dates, books chapter and list,extra… maybe I can add action and object to the character, I’m attending to select character with easy action and object that I can visualize.


Another method you may want to use to find the rest of the people, is to choose some of the people that you see in your daily life rather than restricting yourself with famous people.

These people could be your some of the family members such as your uncle, auntie, granded etc, your friends that you see everyday, your school teachers, your doctor, bus driver, taxi driver, coffee-shop owner, electrician, shop owner, market worker, car mechanic, bank worker, office worker, postman/woman. etc.

If you take your time to think about how you can relate them to the numbers, and then “practice your people with what they do” each day without creating any pa or pao for at least a month, you’ll have them embedded into your mind pretty much for life.

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Thank you I will try to do that


If you want to memorize historical dates or any dates you can also learn by grouping them.

Example - 16th century (1600 - 1699)

First you select a person for 16 and after selecting the person you can easily connect the person from event. (Last two numbers connect them with the help of major System)

Example - you select doctor strange for 16.

Then if I want to remember
An event like East India company established in 1600 in India.

Then I remembered it as Doctor strange seeing (00 - like binoculars) east India company general.

And for all events that is occurred in 16th century
I remembered it by doctor strange. (as a main character)


And if you have many memory palace than you 75% work is done.

Example - your own house as memory palace for 21st century.
And any event that occurred in this century,than you simply connect them with your home loci.

You can use your relatives , friends or enemy’s house for memory Palace.

And put them every memory Palace in categories like 16 , 17 , 18th century and so on…



Thanks I will try this sounds good and easy to do and organized.