Help in Creating a Memory System

Hello Community!

I would like to ask for help in creating a memory system.

There are 5 parts:

  1. Subject Matter
  2. Principle
  3. Definition of a principle
  4. Supplementary principles (distinct from principles because it’s…supplementary)
    4.1. Facts
    4.2. Problem/Issues
    4.3 Application/How to solve the problem
  5. Add-on details in the future

Thank you all for any help.


Can you explain the 4th point in your post ?.

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For the supplementary principles, its structure is that there is a factual situation that contains problems and there is already a penned solution to the problem.

Speech Method
Mobile Methkd
See link Go
Issue Objects
Cooking Method
The Space and Portal Method

Can yoy give me an example of the above as so that I can efficiently combine, edit and add to the following methods and and then test the final method.

What kind of information is it? Do you have any specific examples?

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