HELP! I have to memorize a TON of products for the company I work for =(

Hello guys! This is lokario speaking this is my first post on this forum, ever.

So this is the thing.

I work at a technology company, and I have to memorize a bunch of products and their features and characteristics, because I’m a salesman of these products. The products I have to sell are from a company called Cisco, which is in the Telecommunications industry. There are so many products that I don’t know where to start. It feels like I need superhuman memory to memorize all this stuff!!

Let me give you an example

The Cisco Router Solution Portfolio is as follows:

  • The Integrated Service Routers (ISR) family is targeted for Small Business customers and Branch offices,
  • The ASR 1000 and Cisco 7600 series families for campuses and data centers and
  • The Cisco Carrier Routing System, XR 12000 and ASR 9000 routers, to meet the needs of Service Provider customers.

The ISR family routers is divided as follows:
Routers “860”, “880” and “890” for Virtual Offices
Router “1921” is for Secure Mobility
Router “1941” and “1941W” are for Customizable Applications
Router “2901”, “2911”, “2921” and “2951” are for Secure Collaboration
And Routers 3925E, 3925, 3945E and 3945 are for Scalable Rich Media Services

This is just the ISR family (I could go on and on and on). Each router is essentially unique and has it’s own characteristics and features that I have to know for the exam.

Then theres the WAN router portfolio, like
7200 series, ASR 1000 Series (which includes ASR 1001, 1002, 1004, 1006 and 1013), ESP-2.5G, ASR 1000 with ESP-5G or 10G and the 7600 Series/Catalyst 6500.

Those are just a few of the ROUTERS. I also have to know and memorize Cisco’s Switching Solutions, Mobility Solutions, Security solutions, so forth and so on.

Hopefully by now you understand what I mean.

My question is how should I go into memorizing all this information? What is the appropriate memorizing strategy or technique that fits my particular situation? What do you guys recommend??

Thanks for your help!

Welcome! This is SUCH a great question. People often get into mnemonics as applied only for competition events. I really like that you are setting out to use it for real life… something that can actually help you get ahead. Kudos!

How much do you know about the techniques now?

I would guess that you need to learn the Major system for numbers 00-99 and 0-9, and maybe create an A-Z peg list for letters (perhaps using animal names).

You will then organize the information in as logical of chunks as possible and lay them out in a “Memory Palace.”

This will not happen overnight. Maybe others here know of faster methods, but what I described above is like building a deck off the 2nd floor of your house, starting with no knowledge or experience with carpentry. It’s going to take a lot of work to get that deck sturdy and trustworthy. You won’t be able to hold a dance party on it after just laying a couple of boards. But, once you do get it nice and sturdy, you can do all sorts of amazing things on that deck.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Here are some links to more information about what kbjeff mentioned:
Method of loci (memory palaces)
Alphabet pegs
Major system

Also a free ebooklet on how to get started.

Memory techniques should work well for what you are studying. How long until you take the exam?

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The exam is very soon… in a couple of weeks.

Can you give me an example on how I could apply what you just said based on some of the equipments I mentioned in my original post? Like, I don’t understand for example how to apply the A-Z peg list for letters using animals name in what I have to learn. How would you apply it? How would you apply the Major system method into what I have to learn?

Well the Major system turns Numbers into sounds. for example you have a 1941 for custom applications:


Then you change the sounds of the numbers into words for example 1941 could be TuBa RaT

So when you see 19 you think tuba then wonder what is happening to it, a Rat climbs out of it. and you picture that in your mind because that picture is more memorable than a group of numbers. Then you ask yourself what the rat that climbs out of the tuba does, lets say that he climbs out of the tuba and grabs you i-phone and starts to rearrange the applications on your screen. He is customizing the applications on the i-phone.

If you have a lot of Routers and it appears you do, I would put maybe a paperboy on his bicyclein the mental image you always use for the word Router. He is on a paper route. If he is playing a tuba when he blows thru it the rat comes out. etc… That way if you are thinking of a question about a router, then you know you automatically go to a paper boy and then check to see what he is doing with the number, you do know that if it starts with 19 it is a tuba. Now if everything you are trying to remember is already a router, then that step (with the paperboy) is not necessary.

Now there is also a router that is a 1941W you will want to find out what they use the letter “W” for, if it is wireless for example you would want to make another image (like the paperboy) that is just for the category of “W”.

Be it Customizable applications, searchable collaboration or Rich Media Services. you might want to make a special picture to include just for each one.

Then you can make a list of all of the products and their names, and memorize that list. Say you want to use the animals for example and take them in alphabetical order

Alligator eating a Tuba with a rat coming out of it.
Bear can be catching FiSHes (860) in a river running thru an office.
Cow can be … ?
(but to understand these things you must first learn the major system.)

To remember the letters sounds of the Major System remember the phrase

TiNa MoRaL, JaKe FiBS

Captiol letter (none of the vowels) is a letter 1-0 T is 1 N is 2 M is 3 etc…
Some numbers have multiple sounds, like 6 but the info linked to above is good.

Ok, here I come…let’s try this

" Routers “860”, “880” and “890” for Virtual Offices
Router 860: Florida Jack Tenessee
Florida Jack is a cowboy en-route to Tennessee, where he has a virtual office as the sheriff of the town.

Router 880: Federation of French Travelers
The Federation of French travellers is a group of 19th century immigrant Travelers that are on their route to Florida Jack’s virtual office in Tenessee

Router 890: Fat boy Train
The fat boy train is a bootcamp for fat kids who want to train with Florida Jack in Tenessee to loose weight and learn how to be a sheriff

Router “1921” is for Secure Mobility
Router 1921: Teenage Butane Ninja Turtles
The teenage butane ninja turtles are a group of mutant ninja turtles who had an accident years ago, when a truck filled with butane lighters exploded, and since that event, they want to secure the mobilization of all future lighters, so that no body else gets in trouble ever again.

Router “2901”, “2911”, “2921” and “2951” are for Secure Collaboration
Router 2901 and 2911: Nigerian Bible Translation Trust
The nigerian bible translation trust is a group of people whose main task is to make sure (or secure) that people in Nigeria will collaborate in translating the bible.

Router 2921: National Biodiversity Network Trust
The National Biodiversity Network Trust, like the Nigerian Bible Translation Trust, is a network of people committed to secure that people will collaborate in protecting our national biodiversity.

Router 2951: North Branch Land Trust
The North Branch Land Trust, like the previous ones, is yet another organization in charge of making sure that the people of the North Branch will collaborate in protecting the our Father Land.

Routers 3925E, 3925, 3945E and 3945 are for Scalable Rich Media Services

Router 3925: Medical Base of Newfoundland
The media base of Newfounland is an hospital designed to bring scalable rich media services to its patients.

Ok Cool, but now what do I do about these:

  • The Integrated Service Routers (ISR) family is targeted for Small Business customers and Branch offices,
  • The ASR 1000 and Cisco 7600 series families for campuses and data centers and
  • The Cisco Carrier Routing System, XR 12000 and ASR 9000 routers, to meet the needs of Service Provider customers.

These are not number-based. What system should I use for these ones?

Oh, so you mean for example taking all three numbers (860, 880, 890) and using them as one single story.

So I could do the same for Routers “2901”, “2911”, “2921” and “2951” into a single story, in letters it would be: NBST, NBTT, NBNT and NBLT, right?

Okay, But I am thinking you want to put ALL of the things that are for Virtual office in a mental picture of an office.

The other day I think I had a bear getting FiSHS (860) in an office. Using the name Florida Jack for 86 may work for you but you can’t just create a name you need to create an image of Florida Jack, Then see him. At least that would be the traditional way. You also want to be able to see the numbers 860 and instantly think Virtual office, and of the image you have for Florida Jack.

I see you are using Tennessee as a 0 ? that is fine but normally it is a “S” so you will always want to use it as an “T” Or you could give him a last name like Florida Jack Sanchez or something.

But I was originally thinking of taking an office and putting in say a cowboy named “Florida Jack Sanchez” and he Fries Food Tastey, (FFT= 880 if you use T for 0.) in the office where there is Free Beer Tonight (FBT is 890 again this uses T for 0.)

But what works for you is what is important. Just remember if you think of florida jack you have to think of 860 but you also have to think 860 and think of Florida Jack.

*Edit: You can forgo the zeros if you know they are going to be there. That way just have Florida Jack, Frying Food, in an office with Free Beer.

Right So for secure collaboration : you could think of a lock on a door knob. (Use the sound of N not the kn sound) So 29 could be a door kNoB. (29) Imagine a door knob on these routers… and they are grouped together. Put SooT on a ToaD in a NeT. and drop the dirty ToaD into a clear box full of LoTTo balls. Also imagine that the Toad is going to watch and make the Lottery secure from cheating. (or some such nonsense) Those lottery balls in the clear box can also be made of door kNoBs (for the 29) and there are 50 of them numbered and as they bounce around they hit the ToaD and it ends up a bloody mess - make a weird picture. but also remember kNoBs in a lottery machine, imagine scooping up the toad out of a pile of SooT with a NeT for security for the LoTtery…

This is not a text book use but it is hard to teach the system and other information at the same time. - I hope I am not making it more confusing for you.

NOTE for this I am using and “S” sound for Zero, and T and D for the number one. The major system does allow both T and D for the number 1. That was not mentioned in TiNa is MoRaL JaKe FiBS Mnemonic but it is part of the major system rules. - Confused yet ? :wink: Remember the Major system does not use vowels so they are invisible when you decode the numbers.