Help fill in gaps in a 3 digit major system

[numbers in the 200s]

You got that one listed twice…

That one too…

223 houyhnhnm
224 nunnery
225 nonyl
229 nanpie
231 nomad
233 Hawaiian mumu
248 nerve
256 analogy
259 unlap
260 nachos
268 anchovy
269 henchboy
270 onyx,nixie
278 uncoif
279 hencoop
280 novice
281 invade
282 Niven
283 infamy
284 inferi,nuphar
285 anvil
287 invoke
288 enfeoff
293 niobium

I don’t understand how people come up with words that have no visual to them like unlap. What is unlap or invoke? You can’t picture that or at least I can’t. To me it doesn’t make sense to come up with a word because it fits the code.

Why don’t you just stick with using the trailing -0 to create plurals as in nacho(s)… you’d have Nike(s) and knife(s)… just saying.

How do you picture abstract words in the Random Words event then… just use a stand-in image to represent the actual word and done.

Personally, I have always preferred to avoid using the trailing -0 to create plurals.

The reason is that I have never found plurals particularly memorable or enjoyable to work with.

How do you manage plurals so they are easier to visualize and recall–especially distinguishing them from the same item in the singular?

…by not using the singular. :wink:

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At times it seems like the simple answers deliberately hide from me until after I have invested a lot of time doing things the hard way.