Hello I am Mitchell! From the USA, and really am here just to grow my memory for the purpose of expanding my knowledge. I have a mildly good memory to begin with, but for many things I want a boost. I also have what I believe would be called Synesthesia, albeit I haven’t looked into it much, by that I mean I calculate math spatially around myself, such as I’ll feel and see the equations a foot away from me, etc, (only recently figured out such was a bit unusual tbh). But anywho, hoping to learn a lot here.

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Do you mentally visualize the numbers or is it some other kind of sense of the equations’ being there?


Welcome here,
You can help us a lot to learn about synesthesia & all the best for ur goals


You know how you’ll get a unnerving feeling when someone is staring at you from behind? Something like that but stronger and to where the numbers are. If I look at that direction I’ll also get a visualization of what the numbers are and such though. I’ll end up spacing out when actually getting the answer as well as it isn’t instantaneous in any sense of the word.

But I’ve been able to do most equations via such in far less time then I would on paper. I am working on learning higher forms of mathematics as of right now, so I’ll likely update on this if I find a limit of complexity I can do. (One of the things I am memorizing right now is the index of mathematic textbooks, specifically so I have “points” to access to call up concepts that I don’t use very much and would be more prone to forget).


Thanks for the welcome!