I am a 16 year old male, with a very bland username. :D.
I currently have a above average memory already (Perks of a higher IQ, not bragging. winks), I was able to memorize almost 100 numbers of Pi, in 1-2 hours all together, without focusing on it at all really, (As I took like 10 minutes a day, and kept stopping, then remembering a month later, and doing another 10 minutes)
But, I want to be serious about my memory, short term memory is my problem, as well as what happens everyday, usually, not even remembering what happened yesterday or today, but, other things can easily stick.
But anyway, that is all I have for this introduction, ask my any questions if you want though.



You sound like you have a good future ahead of you. I hope you find what you’re looking for here. Mnemonics can be helpful and a lot of fun, plus the people on this site are really great, in my opinion.

If short term memory is your problem, that is often just a matter of making a habit of being mindful and in the present.

It is kinda cool to be able to remember things without really focusing, but the real magic stuff happens when your focus and your actions are perfectly aligned.

Best wishes from an old dude,


Nice to meet you tarnation! Yeah the only problem is short term, it’s a more recent problem, given the fact I can remember a lot from ages 1-2, my memory of day to day life degraded through the years, while every other memory type skyrocketed.
Also, since your a member that’s apparently been on for awhile (According to the joined date under your profile link), do you recommend any methods to start with?

Short term memory is a fascinating subject. There are many ways it can be improved. The most important ones don’t involve mnemonics so much as healthy living–stuff like sleeping well, exercising well, eating well, meditating, avoiding the habit of being distracted, etc. Many of the mnemonic techniques used here can be used to augment short term memory.

One of my personal short term memory challenges is to stay focused on conversations with other people. I hate to admit it, but my mind often wants to wander when people are talking to me. Especially at the office late in the afternoon when my staff are interrupting what I am working on to give me long explanations about complicated technical issues they are struggling with, or in meetings with customers when the topic is outside my area. My profession requires me to pay attention to what people say, so I need to stay focused. Therefore I try to boost my memory with mnemonics.

One thing I often do, at least for the more important conversations where I don’t have a paper and pen, is to have a mind palace at the ready (I have a couple for each day of the week) then to use mnemonics to grab key words as the other person is speaking. This is hard if I haven’t taken care to get good sleep, etc. But the good thing is that it gives me a way to push my brain to concentrate on important information.

On a different note, since you mention not remembering details from your day to day life, you might be interested in these discussions.

Either way, there are lots of great discussions and ideas on this site. I am sure you will find lots that interests you.

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure I’m the one who answered to your post in reddit/r/mnemonics :wink:

Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to learning with you ^^