Hello, I'm Oneota

(Kim in Korea) #1

I am not a new member, but I think this is my first post. I am an American living in Kazakhstan. My biggest memory success so far is probably remembering my sister’s telephone number.* So, you can see that I don’t expect to win this contest.

I have tried Buzan’s method (and taught it to a few people), but I can’t remember it. I have been trying Metevier’s memory palaces for a number of years, but I just don’t seem to get the hang of it. For one thing, it takes me a long time to remember what I have used for pegs. (That is not to say that I haven’t had some success with mnemonics per se. For example, I have learned some words in foreign languages almost instantly with striking images, even though there are not many of these successes.)

My primary interests in memory techniques are for learning foreign languages and for helping students remember individual facts and words. Oddly enough, a number of my students have had success with techniques that I have introduced them to – even though I keep stumbling.

Another area that improved memory might help me on is telling people apart. I have a hard time understanding a lot of movies, in particular ones where there is a love triangle. This is because, unless one actress has very light hair and the other very dark hair, I usually don’t know which woman is which when there is a scene change. If I am watching on television, I ask my co-watchers whether that’s is Mary or Jane now; in the movie theatre, I just have to guess and/or wait until the dialogue (hopefully) clears things up.

*Unfortunately, she cut her landline, and I have not yet been able to memorized her cellular telephone number.

(Josh Cohen) #2

Welcome to the new forum! :slight_smile:

Kazakhstan must be interesting.

Have you ever tried using a body journey?

(Kim in Korea) #3

Yes, a number of decades ago, I bought a memory program that was based on the body journey. I worked with it for a while but got stuck at one point and was given useless advice from the program’s company. So I dropped it. It might be worth going back to that approach, though. On the other hand, won’t I run out of uncluttered pegs?

(Josh Cohen) #4

You might run out of space eventually, but I was thinking it might be a place to start. You can find a lot of locations on a body if you zoom in.

Also, do you take notes? If you review your locations on paper occasionally, it might help with retention when you’re away from the paper.


Welcome to the group Oneota and good luck with your journey. It’s been a couple of years for me in this mnemonics but I feel I’m still a newbie.