Hello, I'm Avis a studying undergraduate - Environmental Science student:

I have studied the memory books of Harry Lorayne, Tony Buzan, Rod L. Evans, Peter Kump & academictips.org. I got newbie questions. Please direct me to the forum for newbie questions. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the site!

If you haven’t seen it, there is a Beginners’ Portal.

When in doubt, you can post questions in the General Memory Chat. Don’t worry too much about the location though – if something gets posted in the wrong place one of us will move it to the correct section. :slight_smile:

Thank You Josh.

I went to several posts. This is what I am having trouble with associations with long numbers and giving them meaning whether by Journey system, dominic Method, number/rhyme system or palace system.

This is example of what I am trying to learn: Fundamental Constants:

  • Avogardro's number 6.00221415 x 10^23 Electron charge 1.60217653x10^-19C Electron mass 9.1093826x10^-28 g Faraday constant (F) 96,485,3383 C/mole e- Gas constant (R) 8.1314472 J/K * mole
How would you go about learning these formula's through one of the above systems? I tried the number/rhyme which is easier for me; however, I ended up creating long stories I could not recall for each constant. I'm taking chemistry and physics and these # formulas very difficult for me to learn.
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You would create a number system, a simple one of 100 objects would work.

Then, you would memorize those things like this:

Avogardro’s number 6.00221415 x 10^23
3 objects per locus: Avocado is laid on top of some cheese(60), and a snake(02) bites it. Next locus: A nut(21) gets hit by a rod(41) attached to a hook(5). Next locus: Whatever your image for scientific notation is, ie; a drawing of a lab tube, inside of which is swimming Nemo(23).

It takes a long time to write and read, but is very quick to create and memorize in your mind.

The number/rhyme system is just an introduction, it’s not good as an actual system.


Thank You Bateman. I am going to work on this method. This is a good start. I appreciate this.

No problem. The getting started guide guides you through creating that list.


You can easily remembered Avagadro number with the help of major system.
I made a word which help you to remember the number
Jesus " turtle ( " this symbol means ‘see’ and it looks like 22 )

From Jesus " turtle = 6.00221415 * 10power23

No, Bateman number rhyme system is really good if you practice it like as major, Dominic ,Pao or Ben system .
I am from India and in Hindi language counting numbers sound is different from other numbers
When compared to English like
Same sound twenty one
Twenty two, twenty three etc
In my pronunciation system-
For example - for number 900 i use the word NASA(because it sounds like noso)
If you have any doubts In rhyme system you can see my post.