Hello from Transylvania!

Hi guys,

How is everyone today?

I would love to chat with some of you about how you achieved your memory goals. At the moment my goal is to get better at focusing/memorizing concepts from books. I’m a freelancer so the more I know, the more I can help my clients and the more value I deliver, the more money I make. Sadly, my memory is very poor and I think my focus is partially at blame. I exhibit ADHD symptoms.

Other things about me?

I’ve been a nutrition nerd for a few years now and experimented with a lot of diets.
I work out ( or try to workout) 5x per week.
Some of my favorite authors are the Bronte sisters, Huxley, Brandon Sanderson anddddd, enter middle grade book authors Rick Riordan.

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

If you search the forum for “diets”, there are some discussions on that topic.

For books, check out: How Do I Memorize a Book?

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I basically strive hard for my goals. Memory techniques and practice helps. Are you on the “autistic spectrum”?

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We need to talk about nutrition!! And working out! haha I love those topics. Have you memorized nutrition facts for food??

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To be fair, I never intentionally memorized nutrition facts, I just read a lot about nutrition and now most of the information is stuck in my head. I think this happened because I started becoming interested in nutrition and my health years ago. It was a slow, slow process. I could have been way more efficient at learning about it, but I didn’t.

I believe the secret is to piece the information together from several disciplines. In nutrition ( like any other fields) there’s a lot of shabby studies, studies funded by PepsiCo, studies poorly designed, studies done on rodents, etc. So sometimes I would make an amazing discovery by learning something from biology as opposed to reading a plain nutrition textbook.

Do you have any specific health/fitness goals?


I don’t think I’m on the autistic spectrum but I do have the attention spam of a squirrel. I also forget where I place my keys, phone, you name it, almost every day. What’s funny is that sometimes my ability to focus changes. One day is better, the next day is bad again, and so on.

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Thanks for the warm welcome!

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I totally see what you mean so you just know what kind of nutrients foods have from over the years? When I learn something from a study, I try to apply what l learn right away so it starts to become a habit.

Right now I have a 24 hour race planned and doing push ups for 24 hours.

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Well, the first skill you should learn is how to discern good from bad studies. For example, a study on herbivores like rats is mostly useless because of the different digestive system.
Another thing to look for is survey studies. Survey studies are very, very unreliable and the data can be easily manipulated towards whatever direction the founder of the study wants

I general, be very skeptical and listen to your body. If you don’t digest something, if you have mild bloating, toss it, you may have a reaction to it. There are many, many ■■■■■■■■ studies and a lot, a lot of money is made by pushing drugs and foods that can be made cheaply. Think of crops like wheat, corn, rice, etc.

Aside for nutrients ( I learned this the hard way) look for bioavalability. There are many foods that are high in nutrients but come with anti nutrients or nutrients humans can’t digest.
For example, something like spinach has a lot of minerals but because of oxalates ( an anti nutrient) very little of it is actually absorbed. Also, oxalates account for like 70% of kidney stones, so yeah.

I can share with you some videos if you like. My approach is more focused on health optimization and disease prevention as opposed to building muscle. I know how to build more muscle, and I do calisthenics, but I’m really interested in getting big, just staying fit.

Here’s a very interesting video on vegetable oils with views that I agree with

And here’s a very interesting book based on a 10-years old journey around the world