Hello From the New Guy on the Block!

(Chris the Memory Student) #1

I have been dancing around improving my memory for about 10 years, but haven’t been able to figure it out. I am one of the many who thought purchasing PMemory was a good way to go, but could never get past the first 3 lessons or learn the Figurative Codes. I think I did get the concept of linking and the memory palace, but never took the time to develop an extended memory palace, which I’m now doing.

I’m interested to improve my memory mostly for language learning. I would love to learn Chinese, Spanish and Italian and I think using the correct techniques, the learning curve will be much less intense. I also operate amateur radios (ham) and am now interested in learning Morse Code, which I think would be easier if I have a system in place.

I look forward to building my Mind Palace and my number database; and I started last night with both (PMemory had me build it a long time ago, but I need to redo/refresh). My palace so far is 20 loci from my entryway and my numbers are 00-09 based on the Major system with person and action. I was thinking I’d also include Object, but that’s too much right now and I figure I can always add Object later down the road. I’ll continue working on building each out and hopefully get the numbers encoded in my brain (easier said than done!).


(Josh Cohen) #2

Welcome to the site! :slight_smile: