Hello from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK

Hi all,

I’m a 35 year old man from Sheffield in the UK and have been interested in memory techniques for years, but am only really just starting to take them seriously.

I was diagnosed with a learning difficulty concerning working memory when I was at university, so I find it incredibly difficult to think and act under pressure. Don’t we all! My psychologist suggest I try Tony Buzan books to improve my capacity for retaining things, but I am a notrious procratinator, so I bought the book, read some of it and gave up!

Last year, I listened to Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsley, which reignited my interest. I began memorising lists with ease. I then listened to Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer and discovered so much more (it’s a fantastic book for anyone who is interested in memory. Not necessarily for technique, but for the history of memory technique). I decided to challenge myself and learnt a list of the Presdients of the US, their party and their dates in office.

This year, I really want to challenge myself further by memorising 4 more lists (chronological number, name, dates and famous acts) and I’m really excited, but don’t really have a system yet. I’m interested in techniques for memorising these and expanding my brain in more ways (maybe even getting better at maths, finally!), so any help towards that would be most welcome.

Good to meet y’all!


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