Hello from Krishna

Hello everyone. My name is Krishna and I am from India. I am working as a project manager in an IT company. I always had an average memory which has somehow resulted in slow growth throughout my career. I am very much curious about the memory techniques to enhance my memory. I was inspired to learn about memory techniques when I was going through the website of Daniel Kilov who is also a memory athlete.

Hope this is the right place to learn the techniques while making some friends in the process.



Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

hey wlecome

Hello Krishna,

Welcome to Art of Memory Forum from a fellow Indian.

  1. Please do visit the resources section to start with
  2. Do search pages of this forum by using the search option
  3. Ask specific questions so they can be answered by many memory enthusiasts present on the Forum.


You say right, I also see only few members in this forum that are Indian.

And I am happy to see more people in this forum that are Indian.

Krishna your welcome in this forum. :pray::pray::pray:

In this forum, you can find many useful topics.

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