Hello From India!!

Hello Everyone. I’m Sujit, from India. I’m working as an IT Engineer since 2 years now. I was born with a pretty good memory. Was able to memorize long pages of texts in 2 to 3 reading in a couple of minutes. Since I began working, I have noticed a decline in my speed.

I’ve plans of doing my MBA and a great memory would be a valuable asset to improve my education and also for personal development. Got a couple book on memory by Harry Lorayne. Read the book Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer, It inspired me to get into mnemonics and the art of memory in general.

Hoping to make a lot of new friends and exchange ideas to grow and improve.


Sujit :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum, Good luck with your goals!

Thanks a Lot Geoff!!

hey buddy, i read the same Moonwalking with Einstein, well I am still reading it and it has done wonders for me :slight_smile: btw welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks dmx. Its really a great book. The practical applications of these memory techniques at work are doing wonders :smiley:

True that Sujit, i am a screenplay writer, it has already helped me in organizing and streamlining my thoughts and creativity and now i am using the techniques to further grow my creativity :slight_smile:

hi sujit i am also from india i live in delhi.

where r u from??

Hi Janardhan… Nice 2 meet some1 from India :slight_smile:

I live in Hyderabad.

Hi from Sri Lanka!

Interesting to know how the MBA went after learning the techniques.