Hello from Croatia!

Hy! I am a student from Croatia and I am studying medicine,starting from autumn. I want to be really good and get the best grades so i decided to learn and practice my memory skills.

I am reading two books by Tony Buzan- Speed reading and Use your perfect memory.
Is it enough,do you have some suggestions? Can I make some big improvements in 3 months (in learning,as well as reading)?


Hi Pertinacia,

Here are some more book suggestions:

I personally like all books by Harry Lorayne and Dominic O’Brien.

Yes, you can. Tony Buzans speed reading book is excellent!
This forum contains a lot of advice on learning medicine and speed reading.
So I suggest you read that.

Thanks for answering!

I would read that. Is it rational to believe that I can read 800-1000 wpm (in this 3 months)? How long did you have to practice to do it?

Here is a bit of background how I did this and what websites I use to train myself:

Here is a tip. I buy a lot of books second hand on Amazon. If you do a bit of a search you can find good books for almost nothing. This one is just €0,01:

1000 WPM is attainable. Start with Buzans book, train a lot and use the method I described in the post.
Don’t fix yourself on wanting to reach 1000 wpm. Just start with your current speed and see how fast you can make it.

Ok thanks I would try that!

Also, Pertinacia. I replied to your message; it’s easy to miss so I thought I’d reply here letting you know. You’ll find it in the top right! Under the section entitled by your username. :slight_smile:

Found it,thanks! :slight_smile: