Hello from Cian, a Dubliner in Vancouver Canada

Hey everyone, I’ve been coming on and off this forum for the past five years or so but have never messaged anything onto it. I have been studying memory techniques for the past six years and mostly use them for school and now college work. I also use them for learning languages, memorizing chess openings and memorizing numbers but that’s just for fun. For the past two years, I have been coaching people in using the Mind Palace and in the past few months I decided that I didn’t want to keep holding all of my methods as secrets and I would rather start posting everything I’ve learned online for free. Also, I want to get more involved with the memory training community and add as much value as I can. I am from Dublin and spending the summer in Vancouver right now, a lovely place to start building something I’m proud of. I’m also a psychology student in TCD and hoping to become a clinical psychologist one day.


Thats nice of you. Have you shared anything yet? I am from Vancouver, but live in Winnipeg.
Amazing place to visit.

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Yeah well I’ve just been replying to everything I see that I could give my best advice on and I’ve been making videos showing how to memorise book summaries. I pick a book that I want to learn for information purposes, get a summary of the key points and then do an hour-long video of the entire process for memorising at, the videos aren’t great right now but they’ll get better and I think they provide a lot of information who just wants to see it in action while also guiding someone through it and they get to learn information from the book so I think they provide value


I think a lot of people would really appreciate the video. Made any memory palaces in Vancouver?
Thanks! and best of luck.

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Thanks a lot! Yeah I’ve made many mind palaces that start in places in Vancouver but I normally like to imagine them going into places I don’t know so that I can make up places that don’t exist, it gives you more space to work with

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