Hello everyone! (Also, could someone explain if there's a phenomenon like that that I experienced?)

Hello everyone! My name is Pedro Higino Marques da Silva, I’m from Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil. I’m 16-year-old (I will be 17 in July 9.) I’m a person who likes memory games and memorizing things, but I had never got too far with that. Also, I want to have a explanation for this incident that I experienced in the Praça do Carmo, Olinda.

I was walking through the yards of Praça do Carmo in Olinda in 2016 and while passing behind the Policlínica João de Barros Barreto I saw a group of students passing by with a portable stereo player. Then, a funk ostentação (I don’t remember the MC (singer); also I don’t hear funk ostentação, what happens is that my brother hears them in his room.) began playing in my mind and then, the same funk that popped in my mind began playing in their portable stereo player. I wasn’t very much concerned about this incident and went home. I, however, still remember this incident while searching for mnemonists.

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2018 (I may have had that disorder years before the diagnosis) and with a small autism spectrum too. Did that two mental disorder played a role in this memorizing incident? Or not?

Thanks everyone! Good day.

What part do you want explained?

Why you remembered the song?
Why you knew what played next?

To clarify
Do you mean that
1.They are playing a song
2.You don’t know much about these songs
3.After the first song ended you heard a second one in your head (earworm) and that 2nd one turned out to be the next one playing?

Hello Nagime. I want the following part explaining: Why the music that popped in my mind began playing in their portable stereo player shortly thereafter. Thanks!

3 Possibilities.

  1. It was a coincidence. Coincidences do happen.

  2. It was direct memory, your brother played a lot of those songs, this could have been a radio playlist or a common playlist that those guys you passed by would also have listened to, so you definitely knew what would play next. This includes if they do not play their song by shuffle and it was just alphabetically (for example) next. (This is more likely than it being a coincidence)

  3. You picked up the pattern of the shuffle function (subconsciously) on the stereo player, and it just so happens to be that those guys also have a similar shuffle algorithm implemented in their stereo player. So from listening to many of your brothers songs you kind of knew that this song would play next according to the pattern and that may have been half of a coincidence, because their list is different or perhaps not at all because it is much the same, or otherwise the algorithm was more simplistic and it was not a coincidence at all.

For points 2-3, they do happen, I have had point 3 happen to me rather frequently.

Why did it pop into your mind? Whatever happened previously was a cue or otherwise trigger for starting that song. You may not even have realised it, because these cues based on music are usually subconscious.

Why did it pop into your mind ‘just before’? This supports 2 or 3, it’s likely that your brothers song was shorter, or that their player was faster. Also, it would not be unusual for your memory to expect the cue and therefore start firing a little earlier.

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Thanks for clarifying it to me, Nagime! It really helped.

Also, this incident happened a short time before my brother started studying and stopped listening those songs. I think it popped randomly because my mind saw the students from the school passing by and, judging by their uniform and normal teenager behaviour, started playing the song that was likely to be from a adolescent public.

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