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I’m 60 or older. Up until about ten years ago, I was unaware that people didn’t all just remember things the same ways. I was diagnosed about ten years ago as on the autistic spectrum, and I suspect that is why my memory is better than that of my acquaintances and co-workers. Now, what brings me here, I need to change a rather large mental construct or thought form existing much like a mind mansion or mental palace residing presently in my memory. I worked through the stress of moving to a new latitude/work-space/house and daily commute; but, now that the fuss and bother of stress has settled into a manageable murmur, I’m discovering that my mental image of “home sweet home” needs an update. I need to change my mental imagery of home from where I moved from to the present home of where I now live; doing so would/will bring more calm into my life/ would help me. I don’t know whether this makes any sense to non-autistic minds out there, but your tips and hints and experience with tagging lists into mental journeys through remembered spaces do translate directly to my needs.

Anyway, hello and howdy and it’s nice to be here.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if the method of loci would help with that, but you could give it a try. There are some resources on the how to learn memory techniques page.


Thanks and yes, I believe every hint and help related to the method of loci will be useful because I was introduced to mentalism and the method of loci before I was old enough to attend kindergarten. Dad’s uncle, my Granduncle, was a vaudevillian in a mentalist act.


I am very careful to use pleasant memories as much as I can. I don’t make palaces out of locations where there is stress or some negative association. I do very well using hikes. I do a lot of that - I live in a rural mountainous area. And as we discussed elsewhere, the complete physical engagement helps a lot. I have one beautiful from a previous town that I just enjoy walking in my mind.

I got the autism part but I missed out on the super memory. What door was that? I got more than my share of verbal ability and that’s what I rely on mostly for memory.