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I first read Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas’ book over 10 years ago. Unfortunately, I was too preoccupied with life events to make my study and utilization of the many techniques a priority. I did not master, buta did use, the Major system for remembering long-ish numbers (like my credit card). About 5 months ago I renewed my study and have made Memory my new hobby!

I’ve been watching many YouTube presentations and read several books. I would have to say that the resource person who has most recently influenced me in matters of Memory is Anthony Metivier. Over the summer I have made a lot of progress:

  1. Memorized 52 separate objects for each of the cards in a playing deck.
  2. Memorized the 45 US Presidents, and the year they took office, using a Memory Palace.
  3. Memorized the 20 countries and years of the World Soccer Cup winners, after watching Nelson Dellis YouTube.
  4. Memorized a PAO associated with a Memory Palace . . . but I need to figure out how I can best use this tool.
  5. Started two sets of A-Z Memory Palaces . . . one for German Vocabulary and one for Spanish learning.
  6. Recite the abc’s backwards
  7. Memorized the US Preamble to the Constitution
  8. Experimented with memorizing news events as I watch them to better discuss them later.
  9. Memorized half of Lorca’s poem, in Spanish, “Cancion Otonal”
  10. Memorized a trip through the U.S. from the Maine Coast to Hawaii, and then attached the capitals of each state. This is in an order that makes geographical location a priority—not an alphabetical list.
  11. This has all led to a related diversion . . . I’ve kind of branched off into spending more time reading and listening to Spanish and German in context, than in memorization.
  12. Made a list of many topics that I’d like to memorize . . .

I am here to learn more, practice, and master techniques. I am a 69 year old retired R.N. and First Grade teacher. My dear aunt, the Jeopardy star of our family, spent her last decade in sad decline with Alzheimer’s. I’d like to prevent/slow down any familial tendency that lies within my own biology. It would be cool if I could pass some of these techniques on to my grandchildren.

Recall the alphabet backwards
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Welcome! :slight_smile:

Using a journey for that is an interesting idea. I’m going to try it later today.

I wonder if the alphabet could be easily memorized by using itself as a peg list:

| a   | z | alligator - zebra |
| b   | y | bear - yak        |
| c   | x | cow - x-ray fish  |
| d   | w | duck - walrus     |
| ... | . | ...               |

(Silvio B.) #4

I made a journey for the alphabet, too. I just used 26 locations and put the NATO-Alphabet there (Alpha = Wolf, Bravo = Fiat Bravo, Charlie = Charlie Brown, etc.). It’s quite useful in case I ever forget what image I used for which letter.


Let me know how that goes. I accomplished this quickly after viewing a YouTube . . . basically just grouping 3-4 letters at a time
But, if your idea works . . . then you could also more easily and flexibly recite them backwards, skipping every 1 or 2, etc. as an exercise. I haven’t done that yet . . . just thought about it :blush:

(Silvio B.) #6

Do you mean with a journey or with @josh’s idea of a peg-list?

With a journey you can easily do that. You can walk through it from front to back or the other way around. All you need is a journey with 26 locations and you put an image there that reminds you of the letter. It can be the NATO-alphabet as I did it or you could use animals or anything you like (Alligator, Bison, Chameleon … Zebra).

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Welcome to the Art of Memory community. Glad to have you here.



Yes you are right. Skipping by 2’s, 3’s, 5’s or whatever would be quite easy if you used either the animal pegs or the journey/palace methods. I suppose I haven’t tried the skipping because I did not use either method . . . I just visualized letters in groupings of 3 or 4 letters that are backwards zyx wvu tsrq pon mlk jihg fed cba.
I could easily accomplish this by assigning each letter to a loci. To night I drew my dining room with 26 stations associated with the animal abc list. Tomorrow I’ll work on taking the 26 station journey frontwards and backwards a few times. I’m a little creeped out by having a snake and vulture, etc. in my dining room! I probably should have picked an outdoor journey!

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I’ve had the best luck with the circular journey around 26 loci in my Dining Room.

Using the alphabet as a peg list for itself to remember going backwards worked alright until I got to the central letters of 11(K), 12(L),13(M),14(N),15(O) . . . I had to think, “Is it the mouse doing something with the Narwhal, or vice-versa?” “Is it the Owl doing something with the Lion, or vice-versa.”

It sort of cracks me up that by the age 69 I don’t have the positional order of the ABC’s sorted out in the middle very well! Especially since I taught 1st grade for 15 years and we went over the alphabet at the very least once a day!