Hello, Absolutely Beginner Here!

I’m a 20 Year old in India, going through some rough stuff right now in life. So i decided to put everything behind and give everything I have to improve my physical and mental state. Which includes increasing my memory

I just want to be able enough to memorise a couple of books (will help a lot as a Literature major), learn the memorising random deck trick (sub 3 mins in future?) And that’s all basically

I want to for starters want to learn the first 100 digits of Pi in the next 48 hours, please guide me in my journey thank you…

I came here from Moonwalking by Einstein, I don’t know much about creating memory palaces



You are now where most of us were when we came here the first time! So, have a look at the awesome resources the website have to offer:

Art of Memory - Resources

Trust me, everything and way more you will find there.
(start with the “Getting Started Guide”)