Hectoc Strategies

Is anybody familiar with Hectoc (http://hectoc.org) and has any strategies to share? The game’s been around a few years already but it seems we don’t have anything here on the forum yet…

Rules: Six digits from 1 to 9 are given. The target is always 100. All six digits must be used in the order given, along with operators +,-,*,/,(,) and ^. Single digits can be combined into larger numbers.

123456 -> 1+(2+3+4)*(5+6) = 100
987654 -> 98+7-6+5-4 = 100
271127 -> 2^7-(1+1+2)*7 = 100
(^ means power, the first number is the base and the second number is the exponent).


Jan van Koningsveld lists four basic strategies on his webpage. You can ignore the rest of the German on the page… the strategies are highlighted in “green” when you scroll down.

Simple translation of the different approaches:

  1. Start with a number close to 100
  2. Try to work with the number 4
  3. Try to work with the number 5
  4. Try to work with the number 10

With the first approach you try and get the rest of the digits to equal the difference from 100. For the next two it’s either 4x25 or 5x20. The last one you try to get the rest to come out 10 or 2 for either 10x10 or 10^2, respectively.


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Ran into a few case where I couldn’t get the 10 for a 10^2 solution; however, I did manage to get to 50 for 50x2, so I’d like to add that as a fifth strategy that is similar to 2. and 3.

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I tried to install the app for Android on my P20 pro. It cannot be played :frowning:.
Any known issues that you are aware of?

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Don’t know… I use the iPhone app… had to uninstall it once… seems to have a problem when you try and login with a social profile for high scores and stuff. Just reinstalled it and playing “locally”…

Maybe you can try this one… also by Yusnier Viera: https://viera.academy/lesson/rounds/hectoc