Having problems with the memory league website

I have registered myself in the memory league website. It asked me for the email, it gave it; t hey gave me a link, I logged, I refreshed the page in which I provided my email, and then I was logged in. Everything was fine from there. At one instance, I got logged out, and then I tried to log back. The problem is that there is no specific feature for logging in; only for signing in OR registering. When I provided my email that was ALREADY registered, the system acted as if I was TRYING to REGISTER. Notwithstanding, I opened the second link in which they provided me, but now in that instance, I tried to redirect myself to the page, and it did not appear I was logged in. After several attempts, I gave upon trying to log in. I suggest the website staff to create two distinct features in order to avoid that problem to succeed again: One for the login, and another for registration. I hope the website staff provide me the due procedures for me to take in order for myself to solve that problem particularly. Thanks.

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The registration and log in are the same. It will always send you an email. The site doesn’t use passwords, so you can just click that link to log in. Be sure to leave the browser tab open when you go to click the email or it won’t work.

If that still doesn’t work, let me know.

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I was able to log again by refreshing the page, but I have to admit it sucks to have to open your encrypted email every time you want to log in Tor Browser.

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Thanks for the feedback. It’s something to consider.

I’m not really sure how Tor works but if you’re using Firefox, what I do to stay logged in is create several Firefox profiles with different levels of permissions for different sites. Each Firefox profile is like a separate browser with its own settings and plugins.

I don’t know if this is useful, but if you’re using GNU/Linux, Mac, or maybe even Bash for Windows (WSL), you can create an alias something like this:

ff='firefox -ProfileManager -no-remote &'

Then launch Firefox by typing ff in a terminal, and it should bring up the profile manager. Create an extra profile that doesn’t delete cookies on exit, and use that only for the sites that need it. My primary browser is pretty restricted, but I run Memory League in a secondary browser profile. That way I don’t have to keep logging in, but I can still keep a lot more restrictions in my main browser profile.