Has anyone tried person-object person-object per loci?

I’ve been practicing Erol’s Shaper System and was thinking when I get more proficient with it adding in the people from my PAO.

So, if you can put two objects per loci does anyone think its too much to add two people?

For example, lets say normally you have a swan (02 for major, 23 for shaper) and sleigh (05 for major, 25 for shaper) with your Shaper or 2-digit major system. Maybe the Swan is pulling the sleigh if they come one after the other.This would be swan -> sleigh.

But what if a person was riding the swan as it was pulling a sleigh and someone was riding in the sleigh if they were spaced apart by one card/number? The Person would always be first, then the object. So, the order would be person on the swan -> swan, -> person in the sleigh -> sleigh.

This would give me 8 digits or 4 cards for that locus.



That would work. You can have your person on the swan pulling the sleigh with your other person sitting on it.

This would be good for memorising phone numbers or account numbers etc.

But I don’t think it would be a good idea for competing. It would be faster to place 4 digits on a locus, or 6 if you are going to use pao.

If you are going to use the shaper system with the way it’s setup, your person wouldn’t be sitting on the swan. Your person would do what the swan does.

I use “Pecking into” as the action for the Swan.

The good thing about the shaper method is that it prepares you to add your persons.

The basic idea is to use Object Action which are all pre-made.
Once you master the object action, then adding your persons for pa or pao is very easy.

This is how to use the Object Action with your example; 23 25 as OA
23: Swan Pecking into
25 : the Sleight

Let’s now use a person instead, again using 23 25, this time as PA
23: Clinton Pecking Into
25: the Sleight

So here, the person is assigned to do the action of the swan.
No matter what person you choose for 23, he is always going to be “Pecking Into” the next object.

Now let’s do PAO
46: Superman
23: Pecking into
25: the Sleight (or Xmas present Box)

Superman has his own action from 46 if used as the PA example above, however, because we now use PAO, he will have to barrow the action of the swan instead, and this creates a 6 digit animated image/scene.

I find that it’s always better to use the Object Action first, master it, and then add your persons once you did master it. Person’s will then make more sense to you because it will be related to the objects, rather than persons first and then try to find object for it.

Let me give you some examples of what I mean by that;

00: Egg
Who do you know that likes eggs so much?
A friend? A Chef? A Family member?

01: Spear
Who do you know that uses a spear?
A Gladiator from a Movie or from History? Russell Crowe?

02: Dinosaur
Who would be a person who takes interest in Dinosaurs?
Your nephew? Any person from the movie “Jurassic Park”?

03: Fork
Any one who likes to eat a lot using fork only?
Or a Gardner with a garden fork?

04: Knife
Perhaps a famous Chef? Gordon Ramsay?

78: Shopping Trolley
Who do you know that likes to go shopping a lot? :slight_smile:

and so on…

46 is Seahorse, and I had no action for the Seahorse, so whenever I can’t find one, I create one, usually with Superhero Powers.

So the Seahorse has a superhero power of Superman which uses his Eyes as Lasering the next object. This immediately created a person for me also as Superman.
So he is ready and waiting for me to use when I want to take it to the next level as PAO :slight_smile:

So I think it would be better to use 4 digits, or 6 digits at the most as this would provide you with a nice PAO with ready-made persons, actions and objects.

Im using 4 pairs of Person-object. Let’s say Batman §, frying pan (o), spiderman § , car(o)… my image per loci becomes Batman smashing Frying pan in the head of spiderman. While dizzy, he drives the car

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One reason I was getting away from the PAO format or any format where the action is used for data was that I felt the image was not getting hooked to the loci very well and hindering recall. The reason I felt this was so is because the person or object is acting on another object and ignoring the loci. The loci are merely a backdrop. Having the loci as a mere backdrop doesn’t seem to work for me. I could get around this by thinking of how the people/objects are effecting the loci area but this requires more time. But if I have to do this anyway it wouldn’t be any faster than just having objects where I have to think about how they interact in the scene. Combined with the fact that you have to select between 3 options in a PAO system, which I feel may cause some slow down, it seems like PAO has a inherent lower ceiling.

But I could be wrong and would welcome any alternative analysis.

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Do you use this for speed events? If so, what are your best times using this method?