Ham Radio and ... Speed Reading?

I am still trying speed reading.
Actually, I am more on slow reading and skimming. Let’s say I don’t fell the obligation of reading every line.

But I found this. The “average” speed for morse code copying is 250 cpm(50 wpm). But some people reach 1000 cpm(200 wpm). How they do that, I do not know. But I will find.


The average speed of reading is 250 wpm. If we can reach a speed 4 times faster, it would be 1000 wpm.
Considering I can read 10.000 wpm with 0% comprehension,:stuck_out_tongue: 1000 wpm with 1% comprehension could be better. I do not believe, but I do not unbelieve.

Making any progress? :slight_smile: