Habitual tea drinking modulates brain efficiency

Link to neurosciencenews article

Summary: Habitual tea drinking was associated with greater functional connectivity in the default mode network. Findings suggest tea drinking has a positive contribution to brain structure and a protective effect on age-related decline in brain organization.


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  • wonders if it might be due to the nicotine in tea *
    Then there are studies showing nicotine helps protect against certain ‘dementia’ type brain diseases of Old Age. * lights the first of 60 fags today and pours himself yet another cup of ‘London’ style tea (Black tea with milk and brewed so strong its a narcotic) *

Stimulants work in the short term… Until you develop a tolerance and then a dependency. On the plus side tea doesn’t tend to make you shake like coffee but it does leave you with a thick tongue and stained teeth. Probably better of focusing on fitness, diet and going for a nice walk.