Gta5 Memory palace

  1. sign

  2. snow man

  3. window

  4. shelf

  5. awning

  6. door

  7. menu board

  8. snack

  9. jelly

  10. pedestal

  11. gum

  12. sidewalk

  13. man 1

  14. red check pattern short

  15. khaki color pants

  16. black running shoes

  17. woman

  18. cigarette

  19. black tank top

  20. red Pajama

  21. slipper

  22. man 2

  23. brown hair

  24. khaki hoodie

  25. coffee

  26. yellow short pants

  27. green converse

  28. tree

  29. leaf

  30. tree trunk


Is it working for you? Normally it would be WAY too dense, even with GMS/pmemory approach to memory palaces, I think. I don’t play games, but maybe you can just walk along this street (starting from ‘snow man’) and use different stores and objects, to make it more real and obvious for future recall.

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Thank you for pointing out. How many places are appropriate? I have to memorize 300 words a day and two images in one place would be good? Or is one image good in one place?

There are different views on that. Typically about 20-30 locis per palace/journey is optimal in my opinion and it’s better to simply create more palaces. But if you really know some place perfectly (like your house or street to work/school/whatever) then you can create many more locis without worrying too much about clutter. Nelson Dellis created 200 locis per journey for competition
Some people like to have one image, some people prefer more images linked by story, it’s matter of personal preference. Do it in different ways, test yourself and find your own style :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’d too space it out a bit more, it can be a bit chaotic.

Now, I too got places with loci near eachother, because in that palace it tends to work for me. If it works for you in this palace, go for it. If it doesn’t seem to work, don’t hammer on trying to make it work.

I too got a few palaces from GTA 5, mainly the houses and offices, that all works great for me. They got great designs in their homes.

In the beginning I definitely needed a lot of space. But with more practice I need less space between loci. Also, depends on how well I know the location and what I am memorising. If I’m just memorising single objects like a shopping list then I don’t need much space, but vocabulary with a definition needs more room for that.

I really needed a lot of room at first. However, as I gain experience, I will require less space between locations. It also depends on how well I know the place and what I’m trying to remember. If I’m only memorising single things, such as a grocery list, I don’t need much space, but vocabulary with definitions requires more space.

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yeah this is a bit close for me, but would work for studying or work, not memory league. I also made some memory palaces playing Destiny.


At first, I really needed more pace. However, as my experience grows, I will need less space between locations. It also depends on how well I know the location and what I’m attempting to recall. I don’t need much space if I’m only memorising single items, such as a grocery list, but vocabulary with definitions requires more space.
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