Gregg shorthand exercises

Hello, I have seen some exercises on Web, but I haven’t found any sorted by level with sound, writing and shorthand writing, do you know any?

I haven’t found any exercise for gregg shorthand anniversary sorted by level and with writing, sound and shorthand writing. Do you know any of them?

Maybe this forum is too abstract, or high-level, for your purposes.

By “abstract”, I mean that this forum might discuss whether Gregg’s shorthand is superior to Pitman’s shorthand. Or whether “pen” shorthand is superior to “laptop” shorthand.

The actual mechanics and details of any of these methods are assumed to be already known.

I typed the following into google;

gregg shorthand exercises forums

The second entry in my list is your own entry in this forum:

The first entry is:

If you search for “sound” on this page, and click on the link, you arrive here:

There are 20 links on that page. That should give you a good start. Good luck :slight_smile: