Gregg shorthand correspondance partner wanted

Hi, I’m looking for someone to send exchange shorthand messages with.

I am at beginner level.

I’m also at a beginner level, so sorry mate.
Still getting used to the alphabet.

I’m just about to begin on the journey of mastering Gregg Shorthand, so I’m not quite at the corresponding level yet, but I have discovered something VERY interesting about Gregg as it relates to the mnemonic major system! I’ve posted it in the Notetaking, Mind Mapping, and Speed Writing forum here, but you can also find it at: The Mnemonic Major System and Gregg Shorthand Have the Same Underlying Structure!


I really like Gregg Shorthand and have been writing in it off and on for the last 6 years or so, making steganographic art with it and Arabic for awhile too. I’m a bit unorthodox with it at times, and I would really like to get the short forms more engrained. I’ve been thinking about making an Anki set of cards for it.

I might be interested in correspondence. What medium are you thinking? As digital images or as actual physical world letters?

This is very cool. Unfortunately I’ve only been working on shorthand with the Dutch system. Stupid language barriers, always inventing other shorthands and sign languages and such!